Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Review

I remember watching Independence Day in the 90’s thinking THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE LOOK HOW REAL IT LOOKS! 20 years later I now know that people are going to fuck up this planet not aliens.

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It’s been 20 years and they’ve learned that they need to up their game on protecting Earth from another attack like before. They use alien technology and weapons, they managed to have a station on the moon and flying cars on Earth…yeah, seriously. I’m all for learning the very thing that was meant to destroy the human race, but what made Independence, back in the 90’s,┬áso great was that it looked like it could actually happen. So the second I saw how futurist Earth had become I was a bit disappointment. However, we still had two more hours left to judge.

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With my hopes still in the air it begins to crumble. They introduce Steven’s son (Will Smith’s character) who has followed his dad’s footsteps and is now a pilot.

Jeff Goldblum as David and Bill Pullman as President Whitmore reprise their roles and it was good seeing them back. I was intrigued on how they were going to contribute to the new movie when clearly they were introducing new characters…then more characters. We have Will Smith’s character’s son, Liam Hemsworth, who I ended up liking more than I have ever had and that’s always good. President Whitmore’s daughter, who was a little girl in the original, now an adult and former pilot.

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I’m all for new characters and expanding the franchise but it felt forced in to an already crowned movie. They were trying to tell the backstory of the three characters that did not need to happen. It was completely unnecessary and should have been cut from the movie and they should have used that time for something else. All of sudden we get kids…MORE CHARACTERS and these made absolutely no sense! If it’s necessary to the story than by all means but don’t add characters or a backstory just for the sack of doing it. Not only were they too many characters but the camera kept jumping from scene to scene to have all these characters have a few words in. It was hard to follow and out of place.

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I’ll give the new cast a break because there was an original character that still confuses me and that’s Dr. Okun. How is he alive? He was dead in the first one by the alien and you tell me he’s been in a coma for 20 years? Come on! This was another plot that made no sense to be and I get it that they needed someone who can “speak alien” but I felt like they could have found someone else or that one chick who flirts with David. No hate on the character but his purpose was done in the first and didn’t add anything new that he already added to the original.

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I’m not sure why but there’s going to be another Independence movie but that isn’t why that news bothered me. They way they did was so ridiculous to me! The only thing that they left out was them looking at the camera and saying “yeah, I’ll see you in Independence 3.” That is how obvious it was and that made me laugh out loud and it was out of awkwardness and disbelief that they did that. I’m sure they could have done a scene showing another alien on their planet ready to attack again with a picture of earth in the background and end it there. Clear and simple!

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It wasn’t horrible but it didn’t hold up to the original. The characters, the main ones, weren’t bad either but the unnecessary backstory made them forgettable and unrelatable. If they do end up with another one I hope they learn from this one and give us a good alien kick ass movie.