The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Comic Review

You know a movie trailer looks bad ass when you immediately pick up the book that it’s based on and read it! 

Image result for the dark tower comic

Taken place in the Old West, Roland travels from town to town in search of The Man in Black and other adventures, and that I mean curses and death. Trying to summarize a story and I don’t even understand is damn near impossible. We have the main guy Roland, who like his father is a gunslinger. I’ve never been a fan of western movies but like I said in the intro, after watching the movie trailer I was intrigued in knowing more. Along with my dislike of westerns, I’ve never read a book in the genre either. The language was hard to follow and more times I just stared at the words and tried to figure out their meaning. Which explains why it took me as long as it did for me to finish it.

Gunslinger are peacemakers which sometimes results and them killing when necessary. When Roland falls in love, his friends think it clouds his judgement, since she’s to marry the mayor of the town.

There were so many places and names, along with the language like “y’all” and “aye” the entire story went over my head. I couldn’t even tell you why someone was killed or that person cursed that person if I tried. Does that make me not want to see the movie? Hell no! I look forward to it and hope I enjoy it because the comic did not meet my expectations. Perhaps the audiobook?

The Dark Tower will hit theaters August 4, 2017


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