Logan Movie Review

A goodbye to an era! 

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Let me start off by saying that I had stopped watching X-men since the monstrosity of Origins. That being said I don’t know what happen in Wolverine for the previous X-men first class and the others that follow. When I found out that they were FINALLY making Logan rated R I was thrilled! With the success of Deadpool, you had to be a fool not to make this one r-rated. If you didn’t know, Logan was always meant for that rating but because they believed it wouldn’t bring in money in the box office they settled with PG-13. So I was beyond excited, along with every Wolverine fan, to see his true colors in the big screen.

Not only was this movie going to show another side of Logan, it was also a goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. A man who has played this character beyond words for last decade. The movie starts out with Logan as a broken man who now works as a driver. Logan was always someone who has seen some shit, so to see him as broken as he was it made it feel all the more real. He has seen his love ones die time and time again! That would put a damper to your life. He’s older, not healing as quickly as before, he’s drinking and popping pills.

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Hiding out in the desert he takes care of Professor X, who is now locked up in a bunker. Along with seeing Logan in his true self, I was shocked to see the professor in a new light! Along with Logan, Professor X has had to deal with some heavy ordeals, he too has dealt with more deaths than a person can take. So we he cussed I taken aback but after I had time to process it, why wouldn’t he cuss! This man was done with subtly and restraint.

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Logan runs into a little girl named Laura who ultimately is his daughter because she was injected with the same DNA that can allow him to have claws, and healing powers. The very bad group that turns children into weapons is now on the hunt for Laura. Logan, Charles and now Laura are on the run. Let me just say THIS LITTLE GIRL IS THE SHIT!! I have never seen such intensity and strength from a character that doesn’t talk for more than half of the movie. When she did talk you were blown away with her convictions and the chemistry between her and Logan were out of this world!

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Logan was heavy with emotion. There aren’t many actors that when you see them you immediately see them as the character and not the actor playing them. Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine is one of them. The movie did an amazing job showcasing the struggle and baggage that Logan carried for so long and wondering if there is something worth living for instead of living to see others die. Logan was a thank you and goodbye rolled into one. It didn’t just have the violence and foul language that Logan always had but it had heart and hope for redemption. Logan exceeded everyone’s expectations, and gave the story of Logan that it always deserved.


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