Fallen Book Review

Books always better than the movie.

In some causes the adaption does the book justice.

But I have never watched a movie then read the book and thought the movie was way better!

Like I said in my movie review, Fallen Movie Review, I have been waiting for the movie’s release…4 years to be exact. Although I hadn’t read the book I just had to watch the movie and alone be hold, I enjoyed it. So it was a perfect time to finally pick up the book and give it a read.

Luce has been sent to a reform school, Sword & Cross, because of a horrible accident that occurred to her. Once she arrives she meets Daniel and she’s immediately drawn to him. Daniel is distance and rude to her, which doesn’t sound too unrealistic because we tend to go for the “hard to get jackass” then the one who is worthy of our time and attention. Which brings us to Cam, a seductive and caring guy who immediately takes an interest in Luce.

Luce isn’t just being punished by being sent to that school because of what happen but because she tends to see things. Dark smoke that appears to her and suddenly something horrific happens. When she arrives at the school, not only does it get worse but she begins to see visions of her and Daniel. Luce learns that Daniel, like herself, has a major secret and explains why she’s drawn to him.

Just like comparing the movie to the book, I found myself criticizing the book from the movie. Now, movie will always change things from the novel, that’s granted, but I have ever read a book and thought, “so glad they changed that” and it was through out the whole book. There wasn’t a moment where I thought the movie should have added it to the movie. Everything that they changed in the film, which is basically everything, was what made the movie enjoyable.

The book was horrible, just to clarify, and given all the reviews I’ve seen it’s loved by a lot. For me however, I found it to drag on and not as intriguing as the film. Would I have thought differently if I read the book first instead? I don’t think so. The whole idea is an interesting story but reading it wasn’t captivating as the film managed to create from it. Just like the plot in the movie that they changed from the book, the characters are definitely not as they were described. That worked perfectly for me! The actors portrayed these characters so much better and that was just some one the reasons why I was able to enjoy watching it.

The movie was what made me pick up the book, but it’s definitely the movie that makes me want more. I hope the film does well to continue on the franchise because I don’t think I can continue reading them and that is a total shame because I want to see how it all plays out.

Fallen is playing in certain countries and you can find the showings on Lauren Kate’s website. As for the US, it’s rumored to be released in September of this year. With a good marketing team I think this franchise can do well. I hope it’s not another flap like Beautiful Creatures and Vampire Academy.

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