Hidden Figures Movie Review

Based on a true story that we didn’t even know happened! 

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The year is 1961, mathematician Katherine (Tarahi P. Henson) works alongside her colleagues at NASA, aspiring engineer Mary (Janelle Monae) and her unofficial supervisor Dorothy (Octavia Spencer). Although very intelligent, their woman of color and being in a very segregated Virginia the woman have to work 10x more.

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Russia successfully launched it’s first satellite in space. Now America is racing the clock and doing everything possible to send the first man to the moon. Katherine becomes the first African-American woman in the Space Task Group. The scenes with Tarahi P. Henson were incredibility powerful. Here was a woman trying to achieve something that has never been done before, but because of her the color of her skin, is over worked, disrespected, and disregarded. With the segregation in the building there isn’t a colored bathroom and Katherine would constantly have to run to another building to use “the proper bathroom.” The supervisor Al Harrison (Kevin Costner) becomes upset to find her missing from her desk and causes Katherine to break. To tell not just her boss off but everyone in the room that the struggle she has to go through to just use the bathroom. The scene has so much emotion and conviction that you immediately felt the pain and frustration Tarahi was trying to come across.

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If it weren’t for woman, woman of color, we never would have made it to the moon and what’s insane is that I had no idea. It’s important to learn the stories of people that made an impact in our world and Hidden Figures proved that we needed to know about these extraordinary women. The movie had amazing actors playing these main character but I was surprised to see that the supporting actors were great as well, Kevin Costner, Kristen Dust and Jim Parsons.

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The movie did a great job in showcasing the lives these women had and what they achieved when it wasn’t possible for them to do. I was instantly hooked on their stories and was brought to tears with Tarahi’s performance. Hidden Figures is not just an inspiration movie but a lesson in our history. A story that was always meant to be told and did it justice.

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