Arrival Movie Review

Not sure I’m allowed to call movies that were released last year as throwback movies but it’s great for a Thursday review post. So I’ll continue it!

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Louise (Amy Adams) a linguistic, is brought in my Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) when an Alien aircraft appear across the globe. Louise works along side a physicist Ian (Jeremy Renner) and try to figure out why they arrived.

The majority of this movie is Louise and Ian trying to figure out what the alien is saying and that was entertaining. They manage to enter in it’s aircraft and find that alien is behind this two way mirror. Using the mirror they write symbols that Ian and Louise have to translate and then use to communicate back to them.

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Although, it sounds extremely boring, I found myself intrigued in them trying to figure out what they were saying. As the audience you want to know just as much as the characters. The world is already going crazy with the alien’s arrival and wanting to know what’s going to happen when Louise tries to convince everyone that they’re not here to fight.

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What I did not expect was that this movie be more about the human life than it being an alien movie. Yeah, a movie that’s about life that it so happens to have aliens. The movie began with Louise and her daughter and throughout the film you think she’s so devoted to her work because of her daughter and that’s not the case. It does a 360 and everything you think you know and tried to figure out was proved wrong and I loved the unpredictability that movies don’t really have anymore.

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Amy Adams gives a great performance and so does Jeremy Renner, although it is focused more on her than on him but solid performance on his part! Going into this movie expecting a good movie maybe a little confused because most of those hardcore sci-fi ones are. Ended up thinking about life and the core of human decisions and thought is a testament on how amazing this film truly is. It was intriguing, and entertaining from beginning to end, with some minor slow burns when they have to go up into the ship and back but recovered quickly.

Arrival proved that sci-fi films can have powerful messages without confusing you and end up googling what actually happened. Definitely worth watching!

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