Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) Book Review

Although it took my awhile to finish, subconsciously I knew I would be heart broken by the end of it. That and I accidentally read a spoiler and I just couldn’t face it!

Some spoilers if you haven’t yet read Lady Midnight!

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Emma and Julian are still struggling with their feeling for each other even though Emma has convinced everyone that she and Mark are now an item. Kit is still trying to wrap his head around that face that he’s a shadowhunter and a Herondale. We also get characters from Mortal Instruments, which made for a solid fangirling screams.

Lord of Shadows really dealt with a much more adult theme which worked very well. We have a family and friends in a household (Institute) all under the age of 25. So of course we should have emotions running wild. Learning about the curse of loving your parabatai, Emma leans on Mark to try to make Julian stop loving her. However, Mark and Christina being to question their feeling for each other, and not to mention that Mark’s ex is a fairy prince.

Not only to we get heart breaks from the young adults but we also see the kids growing up as well. With Kit trying to learn to find his way, he befriends Ty and Livvy and it was such an interesting thing to read. Kit was brought up to hate everything and anything associated with Shadowhunters and now he’s learn that he’s is one and that he’s related to one of the greatest one yet. Ty, whose autistic, becomes close to Kit who doesn’t treat him as someone whose a freak like everyone does or has. Their relationship is one I see them becoming something like brothers as Jace and Alec were in TMI.

With their hormones raging on, the Blackthorn family have a new mission and one that of course has some high stakes. The Black Volume, a book that Malcolm once had to raise Annabel from the grave is now up for grabs and if it’s in the wrong hands can lean to an another war.

Another thing that stood out to me while reading was how fitting it was to what our nation is facing. Not to get too political here, but we get a group of Shadowhunters go invested in creating a law banding Downworlders from having any say at all and registering them so they can be controlled. We see division amongst the Shadowhunters and even other creatures who disagree and try to make the law pass. It showcased the hate and discrimination from someone who doesn’t look like you and comes from somewhere else. That mentality leads to chaos and as heart breaking as it was reading it because it hits too close to home, it’s has hope attached because it shows that not everyone sees it that way. I applaud Cassandra Clare for that!

Can’t say too much without it being too spoilery, but we get a lot of love triangles or for some it’s a square. Friendship are tested. Secrets are revealed. New somewhat alliances. And Blood is spilled! Know that by the end you will cry. I have to be honest…more than half of the book I saw a spoiler, UNINTENTIONALLY, and dearly dropped by phone. That being said, knowing what was going to happen I still bawled my eyes out. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Lord of Shadows was a bit heavier hitting the much more mature topics and the ending was just heart crushing. It was amazing, which I didn’t expect any less. The torture begins with the wait for book 3 but I’m sure it will be worth it.