Netflix’s Castlevania Season 1 Review

Turning games into movies or shows haven’t always worked…but how about anime? Well slap my knee and call me Debra, we have found something that works! P.S. don’t call Debra.

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Dracula meets and falls in love with a human woman and end up marrying. The woman is then burnt at the stake by a Bishop who accuses her of witchcraft. As her body becomes ashes Dracula arrived, pissed off, promises them he will destroy all humanity. The first episode was I think too quick when it came to Dracula and Lisa (his human wife) relationship. You didn’t get to see them fall in love and it wasn’t until the next scene where he popped up and said “wife” that you realized they were together. Although there was no chemistry or much interactions, I’ve shipped other characters with much less contact, so there’s that.

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The Bellmont’s use to be the kingdom’s noble family and respected. They were notorious for killing vampires and demons but now they’re hated because people always got to place blame on someone. Trevor Bellmont, is a drunk and seeks shelter in a bar when he hears some other men talking about his very family. Trevor is a sarcastic, egotistical yet funny guy, and I just liked the dude! The more he talked it felt like he was an anime Han Solo.  It surprised me so much that I ended up crushing on the guy, don’t judge me. Turns out he’s voiced by Richard Armitage, THORIN!! Who knew a voice can be sexy!

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Trevor ends up saving an Elder who is a part of a group called The Speakers. The Speakers are knowledgeable in a lot of things but they don’t write things down only pass things on through talking. Which is a horrible idea if you really think about it. Trevor advises them to flee but the Elder refuses to leave until his granddaughter is returned. Irritated Trevor then tries to save the Elder’s granddaughter.

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The show grabs you from the very first episode which is torture because it’s only 4 episodes and half hour long. I do get why it’s so short and they tired to test the waters and see how people react to it. From what I’ve read and watching it myself, it’s awesome and season 2 is already set for 2018. The characters were great, especially the main protagonist. It’s not something kids can watch because it does contain adult language and it’s super violent. As an adult I loved it and was super bummed when it was over!

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The story is great and I hope they expand more with Dracula and Lisa’s relationship, maybe some flashbacks of them. I want to see more of Trevor and the speakers and how they come together. Overall, waiting for season 2 is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. THEY FINALLY GOT SOMETHING RIGHT! Castlevania is awesome in every sense of the word. Definitely watch it and suffer like the rest of use for season 2!


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