Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) Book Review

At one point, Kill Bill was playing in my head.

Contains spoilers if you haven’t read Crown of Midnight…you have been warned.

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Celaena is at rock bottom. Drinking, gambling and bar fights since she was sent to Wendlyn by Chaol. Though, Chaol did it to protect her, it does push her into learning more about the Wyrdkeys and stop the King. Rowan, a century old fae, finds her and takes her to Maeve, her aunt and ruthless Queen of the fae. Maeve, sworn enemy of Celaena’s mother, agrees to tell her about the wydkeys but only when she manages to show her the full extent of her powers.

Rowan, magically tied to Maeve, is ordered to train Celaena, then bring her back when she is ready. Celaena having no other choice, agrees.

Rowan and Celaena begin training and he pulls every trick in the book for her to unleash the very powers she has suppressed for the last 10 years. Rowan is a dick! Not only does this dude actually beat her, physically multiple times, but he brings up things that only deepens the wounds she already has. I really enjoyed their training sessions! Immediately the scenes from Kill Bill 2 pop into my head, where Beatrix and her master are training and she has to cut the wood with her knuckles. Awesome scene!

That’s basically the relationship between Rowan and Celaena. He really doesn’t give a shit about her and his only mission is to release her power and send her back to Maeve. As time went on, you begin to see them develop from rivals to a team. Much more that when they were together they had to reveal a part of themselves that they so desperately hide, and it made a great character development.

Chaol was a surprise for me. He frustrated me so much, to a point where I began to dislike him. That was such an interesting twist! Chaol’s life was always black and white, simplistic and Celaena changed that. He knows what’s right and what needs to be done, but not willing to accept the change that goes with it. Though you want to dive into the book and knock some sense into him, you do feel for him and wonder if you would react the same way. His struggle with acceptance plays a huge part in his friendship with Dorian.

Dorian now having powers, is left alone to figure out what to do and how to hide it from his father. He finds comfort in one of his healers, Sorcsha, and ends up helping him hide his powers using special medicines. Just like Celaena, Dorian learns to accept that this is who he is and he must choose how he will use it when the time comes.

The book started off to a good start, but it jump from character to character so much that it was a bit confusing to keep it all together. Mostly, with how Rowan fits in, go Aedion, Celaena’s cousin, who is also the King’s general. The whole bloodline is confusing as fuck! I still haven’t figured it out. Another character that I don’t see fitting at all is Manon. Manon is a witch from one of a few clans, that now are in one area to compete for the King. That whole storyline is odd and I don’t see it coinciding with the story. There are 4 more books so it might change that, but for now I don’t see it as an important part of the story.

Overall, Heir of Fire was a really good read and I liked it more than the last two books. I’m intrigued and curious to see what happens next and how they will reunite. The ending shocked me and I wish I didn’t see a spoiler for it because it would have flooded me! However, it was still heart breaking and did not see it going that way. So well done! Heir of Fire is worth buying and reading!

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) Book Review

When something surpasses the original, I call it Emperor Strikes Back, because it is one of the greatest sequels of all time, and one of the best Star Wars films ever. Off topic, I know but there’s a point to it. Crown of Midnight pulled an Emperor Strike Back.

No spoilers, but spoilers if you haven’t read Throne of Glass. Warnings over.

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Celaena is now the King’s Champion and that title comes with her doing what she was created to do…kill. The King gives her a name and she must kill them, without question, and prove that she completed the task. Even though she’s won the competition, the war has just begun. Something evil still lurks in the castle and the King is aware.

This is where it starts to get confusing. Celaena learns that there are three keys, wrydkeys, that open the Wydgate. Basically anyone who has them are the most powerful, like some Gandalf all mighty. She must find them before the King does because he’s definitely someone you don’t want to have all that power. With all the clues, and riddles and fae lore, it was starting to get harder and harder to keep track of it all.

The names alone felt like I was reading Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, add the faes and all powerful sword and powerful keys, I leaned more on the Lord of the Rings. Love both, but was just stating it was a bit rough to get through. I will say that with all the clues I swear I thought it was gonna go one way for it to spin and shock me. Props for that!

It was interesting to see Celaena’s and Chaol relationship blossom into something that I kind of some saw coming yet it took me but surprise. It was more of a “okay sure” than a “FUCK YES, I SHIP IT” reaction. Still on the fence on my shipping status. But what I saw coming was that this chick was going to be pushed to the edge and sure enough it happened but it was bad ass. Hasn’t she suffered enough? What was done did have me going, “was that really necessary to point her in the right direction?”

What I most definitely did not see coming was the course in Dorian’s story. Reading I saw Dorian as just someone that completed the love triangle between Celaena, and Chaol. But let me just saw it did break my heart a little bit when Dorian and Chaol would talk. I applaud Sarah J. Maas for her ability to make you think a character can be just a secondary character and make them a very important one.

This book did answer some questions you had from book 1 but left you with a ton more. Which I love! It makes you want to pick up the next book and continue on the journey. I mean there’s 4 more books left! Answer some, leave me guessing, answer some, leave me guessing and then give it a Return of the King ending. That’s a bad ass ending if you didn’t understand the reference.

Crown of Midnight, surprised me and glad it did. I’m glad I continued on and I want to see more of the characters and how it all plays out. There were some areas where I was really confused but it picked up and it managed to have a good pace. I had a really good time with it and would recommend it. And if you’re like me and didn’t really enjoy Throne of Glass, believe me when I say that this redeemed itself.


Throne of Glass Book Review (Throne of Glass #1)

The same author that created a series that took my breath away. So it took me three months to finish…

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What if Cinderella, yeah the Disney princess that lost her shoe at the ball, was an assassin?

That intrigued me! For an added bonus, it was written by the same author who wrote A Court of Thorns and Roses series. From my reviews you know how much I enjoyed them. So of course I had high expectations.

In my reading experience a book has a really slow start, than by the 100 page it rocks into the sphere of awesome sauce or the second your eye ball reads the first sentence you immediately know that you are going to welcome insomnia like a long, lost friend.

Celaena has created a reputation, known as a deadly assassin. After a year in prison, imprisoned by the King himself, the King’s son arrives and offers a chance of freedom. A competition, with the deadliest assassins, and the last one standing will be the King’s champion. With no other choice, Celaena agrees.

The concept was so good, so it really confused me when it wasn’t picking up and give me that feeling that I love a book gives you. That feeling of urgency of, “I have to read because I have to know what’s going to happen” feeling. Again, some books do have slow starts so I continue on hoping it will soon speed up. However, the problem with those books, although some do pick up, it takes you longer to finish because you don’t get the urge to pick it up and read. And that’s the curse of a slow start read, because when you finish the book you immediately ask yourself, “why didn’t I finish this book sooner!”

It was like you deprived yourself of something awesome.

I can easily name a few books that had a slow start and they ended up being some of my favorite books. Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses was one of them. So again, I didn’t understand why it was taking me so long to finish this book.

Now, it sounds like I really didn’t like the book, which isn’t the case! It was good. I don’t regret reading it. I’m still intrigued with the concept and wonder how it will all end. But what I didn’t like was definitely the pacing, and the fact that it never got to the point of me wanting to see what happens next. Which brings another issue. The characters. I never got attached. In fact the only character I actually liked isn’t even the main character, Chaol. The Captain of the Guard who is under orders to train, watch and protect Celaena and people from her. Which is probably the only real thing that’s pushing me into reading the next book. I want to see more of his character development, as well as the main character Celaena. Her story has so many missing pieces, interesting pieces but they don’t mean anything if you don’t really have an interest in her. So I want to like her and see her developed into the character I pictured while I read the summary.

It did take me 3 months to finish, which is too long in my opinion. I had high expectations at this book because of the author’s previous works, and this book just didn’t meet it. But because the concept is so fascinating to me I want to read book 2, and because I don’t want this book to have been a waste.

I do hope book 2 is better now that the foundation has been set, I know the characters, and somewhat of their personalities. I do have a theory of the direction it might go and I want to see if that plays out or if it goes in another direction. If it weren’t for the fact that I loved Sarah J. Maas other books, I probably would have hated it and definitely not continue. However, Sarah J. Maas has an amazing way of make you feel a certain way about a character, hook you in that world and then make you think you know the plot and twist it in a way that leaves you feeling like you’re about to hyperventilate. That gives me hope.

Throne of Glass had issues but there’s potential and hope that the next book can show that it’s worth reading the next 6 books. The secondary character was the only one that really left an impression but I’m glad at least one character did. I want to know more about the main character and evolve into the character I know Sarah J. Maas can create.

Sequels are known to either be better than the first or fail to deliver. I’m hoping it pulls an Emperor Strikes Back on me!

My Top 10 Anticipating Movies of 2018

Happy 2018! Now that’s it’s here of course I have to talk about what I look forward to seeing on the big screen.

The movies are listed based on release date.


Fifty Shades Freed (02/09)

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The conclusion of the Fifty Shades series. As someone who enjoyed the books and really liked the movies, I look forward to seeing it all come together one final time.

Marvel’s Black Panther (02/16)

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The second Black Panther made his appearance in Civil War I was immediately invested. This movie is going to so good and how I know this…Have you seen the cast?


Ready Player One (03/30)

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As someone who has read, or better yet listened, to the book I wasn’t extremely excited for this one. That was until I watched the trailer!


Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War (05/04)

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Every Marvel movies has been leading to this moment. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, I can feel it!

Solo : A Star Wars Story (05/25)

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You bet your ass this movie was going to be on my list. It’s Han frickin Solo! This makes waiting for episode 9 a little less torturous.


Deadpool 2 (06/01)

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Deadpool was everything I was hoping for and more, so you know I’m so excited to see him back with his foul mouth and all.

Pixar’s Incredibles 2 (06/15)

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Long over due Disney!


Marvel’s Ant-man and The Wasp (07/06)

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I loved Ant-man so having everyone back, it’s no question I will be watching it opening day.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (11/16)

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As a Harry Potter fan, I really enjoyed what they did with Fantastic Beasts. Though I am a bit worried with the sequel, that doesn’t change the fact that I look forward to seeing it.


Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns (12/28)

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Just like the Incredibles, Mary Poppins is a nostalgic movie and one I never thought they would make. To add it, Lin Manuel-Miranda is in it!


So there you have it. My top 10 movies I look forward to seeing in 2018! There are more movies that I want to see but these are the ones that have been on my mind for the last year. Let me know what movies you look forward to seeing in the comments!