About Geekess!

Geekess is honestly my passions, obsessions and me ranting on about all of them. My name is Cesilia (cesy) Buenrostro

I’m 23 years old
I’m a licensed hairstylist
I was born and raised in California, and currently live.
The first movie I remember watching in theaters was Star Wars episode 1: The Phantom Menace, in 1999 with my big brother. Been a Star Wars fan ever since.
I didn’t enjoy reading until the summer of my junior year in high school, 2008.
The Twilight series was what sparked my reading addiction.

  • Huge Disney fan!
  • Marvel and DC fan!
  • I’m just as obsessed with movies/shows as I am with books!
  • Harry Potter lover!
  • I tend to be sarcastic…pretty much 99% of the time!

I love talking and writing about things that I love, books, movies, tv shows, comics etc. Getting people excited about certain things I love makes my day! When I get a non-reader into reading is truly an accomplishment! This blog is my ultimate share of my obsessions. I write of what I truly feel and think.




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