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Fifty Shades Freed Movie Review

Can women get blue balls? Asking for a friend…

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I’m a fan of the books, and I have enjoyed the first two movies, that has been known. I was a bit nervous for the last one. Why? The first was pretty much what I read…sex galore! For that they stayed true to the book. The second was less sex but more chemistry between Jamie and Dakota, so it worked well. Freed being the last movie, you would think that all gloves would be off.

Is it still cheesy? It’s a fucken chick flick OF COURSE IT’S CHEESY! We get a hot ass guy half naked, sexual innuendos (very little sex scenes), basically a very clean, soft porn that we don’t we shame to watch on the big mega screen. If you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s not Oscar worthy, definitely not realistic, and if you continuously ask “what’s the point of this?” You’re overthinking it and it’s not your movie.

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Christian (Jamie Dornan) marries Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) and travel to some beautiful and breath taking places. Their honeymoon is cut short when someone starts a fire in Christian’s business office. Christian goes to over protective mood and has bodyguards with Ana at all time.

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Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) is behind everything and has a mission to destroy Christian Grey. With that it does cause a drift between Ana and Christian. His dominance is shown more than just the bedroom…or red room. The whole ordeal with Jack is fast paced and quick and for that it’s not effective as it should have been. But again, you’re not sitting there waiting to have your mind fucken blown by their performances.

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Sounds like I’m ripping this movie but I enjoyed it. Was it great? No, no it was not. As adaption they missed the mark. A standalone, it was okay. I will say I really liked Dakota Johnson going off on Jamie Dornan. It was a very genuine and realistic reaction that had my beaning with pride to this fictional character.

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Very little sex. How? Why? It seems like they did the first to test the waters and did the opposite from what the reaction was. It was a hit! So why remove the one thing we wanted to see. It was like they said “they liked the kinky sex scenes SO…let’s do less of that!” I’m here to tell you, that’s just one of the reasons why a lot of people, or women because let’s face it that’s the main demographic, disliked it.

Speaking for myself, it’s a movie I don’t regret watching and a movie that will probably go a while before I watch again. For the finale chapter, a big applause for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. It was not easy to do this type of movie, let alone knowing how high the expectations were. Sex scenes in movies are awkward as it is, and this was a whole another level. So props to the two of them!

Fifty Shades Freed could have been different but it wasn’t horrible…for that I’m glad. For the next kinky, ranchy, controversial franchise, because we know their will be more, learn from Fifty Shades and do it differently!

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