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You might have already seen it but here it is anyway. 


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Fallen Movie Review

It confuses me why studios immediately go for the big screen instead of the small one. They all think it’s going to be as big as Twilight or The Hunger Games.

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I haven’t read this series but back in 2014 there was an announcement of an adaption ready to be released. It’s 2017! Not having read the books I was still eager to see another franchise grow as Twilight and The Hungers Games had. Although I wanted them to be successful, I don’t understand why they don’t go for a tv series. We’ve seen book adaptions succeed on the small screen, like Game of Thrones, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries etc. Either way we get either another shitty movie, potential one, or a guilty pleasure that one has heard of.

Luce (Addison Timlin) is sent to a private school in the middle of nowhere, where they have a special floor for people of mental illness. Luce is a resident on that floor. She sees images or visions of smoke, then learn that when she sees them something bad happens.

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In her class she finds herself drawn to Daniel (Jeremy Irvine) a quite and distant guy. Luce, though he tries his best to avoid her, begins to have visions of them together in different eras. It reminded me of Twilight with all the eye fuckery they would do.

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We can’t have a teen romance without a threesome, I mean triangle. Daniel continues to ignore Luce and Cam (Harrison Gilbertson) swoops in. Cam is the bad boy of the school and it becomes clear that he’s very much interested in Luce. In this type of genre I usually wait to watch until I have read atleast one of the books. It was surprisingly refreshing to watch something I didn’t know what was going to happen. So it was shocking to me that I was taken more by Cam then with Daniel. It was fun trying to figure out who wanted her love and who wanted the booty. THEY’RE ALL TEENS PEOPLE!

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Shit starts to hit the fan, because something always has too, when Luce begins to see the smoke. A smoke that had killed a person in front of her and caused people in believing she was crazy. With her only friend Penn (Lola Kirke) they begin to investigate when she learns about herself that can’t possibly be true. Yeah, trying not to spoil it, in case you do see it.

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It’s super cheesy, come on it’s a teen movie! The director does a lot of slow-mo’s that shouldn’t really be done. One or two, maybe even three, but constantly having them makes the more even more ridiculous and you really don’t want to add more to it. The effects should be good but there are some scenes where they should have just cut them all together. It sounds like I’m hating on this movie but I didn’t hate it and I actually enjoyed it. It was great not knowing who was bad or good, where the story was going to lead, or which guy was more bone-able, you know the important questions.

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I don’t think it will be nearly as successful as Twilight or The Hunger Games were but with improvements and a lot of promotion for it, it could make a good amount of money. It has the fans for it. The cast was good! They managed to hire solid actors and that’s a major high five within itself. It made me want to read the books and that a good well done on that department.

Fallen is only available in certain countries but will be available in September 1, 2017 in the US. What I found shocking is that a sequel is already in works, I just hope they don’t take 3 more years for it to be released.

Overall it’s a movie for a fanbase that love the series! As a person who hasn’t read them I didn’t hate it. I want it to continue and succeed, with improvements. If you were the ones that hated Twilight, then this is not for you.

Me Before You Movie Review (Contains Spoilers)

In rare cases does an adaption effect me more than the book does.

If you haven’t read the book or have watched the movie BE WARNED THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! 

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When I read the book last year I was surprised to find myself thinking about Will’s ordeal more than emotionally connected to the characters. In other words I didn’t cry while reading it. In other cases, like 99.9% of them, that would tell you something because I cry of a drop of a hat. That’s just the way I’m built okay, stop judging me!

Lou (Emilia Clarke) has had bad luck with jobs and since she’s the bread winner of her family she needs one desperately. She is offered a job as a companion, no not a whore but a friend. Will (Sam Claflin) is paralyzed from the neck down caused by an accident and has long since given up on life. Will’s mother offers Lou the job to not just be a caregiver to Will but become his friend. Lou is a very friendly and socially awkward tries everything to cheer him up only to result in insults or silence.

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Will gives in to Lou consist attempts and begins to enjoy her company. As their friendship blooms Lou stops at nothing to make Will feel alive again. She starts booking trips and little adventures for them. Lou becomes more determined when she learns that Will has made plans to end his life after six months at assist suicide clinic.

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One of the things I was glad they changed in the movie was Lou’s sister Treena (Jenna Coleman) who was a total bitch in the book to a pleasant and supportive sister.

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A character who was minimized in his dickness but an actor I was super eager to see on screen was Lou’s boyfriend Patrick played by Neville himself Matthew Lewis. Patrick is an obsessive fitness junkie that becomes jealous of the relationship between Lou and Will. Although the pulled away a lot of what really made Patrick the asshole, I enjoyed seeing Matthew Lewis portraying him. He was your typical guy at the gym trying to get you to race on how many reps you can do then gloat about him beating you with time to spare. Come on you know the guy I’m talking about?

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Lou takes Will, along with his male nurse Nathan (Stephen Peacocke), to vacation on a island where they kiss for the first time. Will starts to tell her about his plans when she tells him she’s known for months. She then tells him that they could live a happy life when he tells her his mind has not changed. Although up to this point we’ve seen him depressed and then happy with Lou, but he gets sick often and he tells her that it’s heartbreaking when he has to wait on someone to get him out of bed every morning. Or not being able to hold her and do the things a normal person should be able to do. Will tells Lou that he doesn’t want her life to be a disappointment having to take care of him and he will go to Switzerland and go through with the plan.

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When they arrive back home, a heart broken Lou leaves him and doesn’t talk to him for days. She learns that he has left for the clinic and her father convinces her to see him one last time. Will is pleased to see her and they say goodbye to each other before he passes away. Time passes and we see Lou is in paris, a place Will loved, with a letter from him. As she’s sitting at a cafe she reads the letter that tells her that he wants her to life her life and has left her some money to follow her dreams.

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Now like I said in the beginning, I didn’t cry when I read the book but balled my eyes out while watching the movie. Don’t know rather it was because it was seeing it or that fact that I knew what was coming that broke me. Either way I was dry heaving and pretty sure I needed an oxygen tank. Me Before You makes you not only appreciate how good you have it but makes you think about what you would do if put in that position. Will’s story is one that is judged and frowned upon but we can’t say one thing about it until happens. You sympathize with Will but feel the frustration and hurt that Lou and his parents feel. When a story has the great of an impact it’s done it’s job and the movie made it more powerful and that doesn’t happen often.

It’s definitely the most powerful love story yet, and yes it tops The notebook for me! SHE WATCHES THE LOVE OF HER LIFE DIE!!!! I’m still recovering…I apologize for my outburst.

Me Before You caused me to have an ugly cry and appreciate the book more than I did before. Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) and Finnick (Sam Claflin) had great chemistry and played their roles perfectly. When it was time to have a bit of comedic relief they delivered it well. Overall I loved the film and would watch it again then eat a whole of ice cream!

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