Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) Book Review

Although it took my awhile to finish, subconsciously I knew I would be heart broken by the end of it. That and I accidentally read a spoiler and I just couldn’t face it!

Some spoilers if you haven’t yet read Lady Midnight!

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Emma and Julian are still struggling with their feeling for each other even though Emma has convinced everyone that she and Mark are now an item. Kit is still trying to wrap his head around that face that he’s a shadowhunter and a Herondale. We also get characters from Mortal Instruments, which made for a solid fangirling screams.

Lord of Shadows really dealt with a much more adult theme which worked very well. We have a family and friends in a household (Institute) all under the age of 25. So of course we should have emotions running wild. Learning about the curse of loving your parabatai, Emma leans on Mark to try to make Julian stop loving her. However, Mark and Christina being to question their feeling for each other, and not to mention that Mark’s ex is a fairy prince.

Not only to we get heart breaks from the young adults but we also see the kids growing up as well. With Kit trying to learn to find his way, he befriends Ty and Livvy and it was such an interesting thing to read. Kit was brought up to hate everything and anything associated with Shadowhunters and now he’s learn that he’s is one and that he’s related to one of the greatest one yet. Ty, whose autistic, becomes close to Kit who doesn’t treat him as someone whose a freak like everyone does or has. Their relationship is one I see them becoming something like brothers as Jace and Alec were in TMI.

With their hormones raging on, the Blackthorn family have a new mission and one that of course has some high stakes. The Black Volume, a book that Malcolm once had to raise Annabel from the grave is now up for grabs and if it’s in the wrong hands can lean to an another war.

Another thing that stood out to me while reading was how fitting it was to what our nation is facing. Not to get too political here, but we get a group of Shadowhunters go invested in creating a law banding Downworlders from having any say at all and registering them so they can be controlled. We see division amongst the Shadowhunters and even other creatures who disagree and try to make the law pass. It showcased the hate and discrimination from someone who doesn’t look like you and comes from somewhere else. That mentality leads to chaos and as heart breaking as it was reading it because it hits too close to home, it’s has hope attached because it shows that not everyone sees it that way. I applaud Cassandra Clare for that!

Can’t say too much without it being too spoilery, but we get a lot of love triangles or for some it’s a square. Friendship are tested. Secrets are revealed. New somewhat alliances. And Blood is spilled! Know that by the end you will cry. I have to be honest…more than half of the book I saw a spoiler, UNINTENTIONALLY, and dearly dropped by phone. That being said, knowing what was going to happen I still bawled my eyes out. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Lord of Shadows was a bit heavier hitting the much more mature topics and the ending was just heart crushing. It was amazing, which I didn’t expect any less. The torture begins with the wait for book 3 but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Fallen Book Review

Books always better than the movie.

In some causes the adaption does the book justice.

But I have never watched a movie then read the book and thought the movie was way better!

Like I said in my movie review, Fallen Movie Review, I have been waiting for the movie’s release…4 years to be exact. Although I hadn’t read the book I just had to watch the movie and alone be hold, I enjoyed it. So it was a perfect time to finally pick up the book and give it a read.

Luce has been sent to a reform school, Sword & Cross, because of a horrible accident that occurred to her. Once she arrives she meets Daniel and she’s immediately drawn to him. Daniel is distance and rude to her, which doesn’t sound too unrealistic because we tend to go for the “hard to get jackass” then the one who is worthy of our time and attention. Which brings us to Cam, a seductive and caring guy who immediately takes an interest in Luce.

Luce isn’t just being punished by being sent to that school because of what happen but because she tends to see things. Dark smoke that appears to her and suddenly something horrific happens. When she arrives at the school, not only does it get worse but she begins to see visions of her and Daniel. Luce learns that Daniel, like herself, has a major secret and explains why she’s drawn to him.

Just like comparing the movie to the book, I found myself criticizing the book from the movie. Now, movie will always change things from the novel, that’s granted, but I have ever read a book and thought, “so glad they changed that” and it was through out the whole book. There wasn’t a moment where I thought the movie should have added it to the movie. Everything that they changed in the film, which is basically everything, was what made the movie enjoyable.

The book was horrible, just to clarify, and given all the reviews I’ve seen it’s loved by a lot. For me however, I found it to drag on and not as intriguing as the film. Would I have thought differently if I read the book first instead? I don’t think so. The whole idea is an interesting story but reading it wasn’t captivating as the film managed to create from it. Just like the plot in the movie that they changed from the book, the characters are definitely not as they were described. That worked perfectly for me! The actors portrayed these characters so much better and that was just some one the reasons why I was able to enjoy watching it.

The movie was what made me pick up the book, but it’s definitely the movie that makes me want more. I hope the film does well to continue on the franchise because I don’t think I can continue reading them and that is a total shame because I want to see how it all plays out.

Fallen is playing in certain countries and you can find the showings on Lauren Kate’s website. As for the US, it’s rumored to be released in September of this year. With a good marketing team I think this franchise can do well. I hope it’s not another flap like Beautiful Creatures and Vampire Academy.

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A Wrinkle in Time Book Review

Time, space and trying to find your father that’s mixed in between. 

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Meg, her highly intelligent little brother Charles Wallace and new friend Calvin are taken on an adventure to find and save Meg and Charles Wallace’s lost father. They were told he was working for the government, considering he is scientist, but has been missing for years. Meg and her brother are the outsiders of town for they way they talk and see things and tend to keep to themselves. When a strange woman of the name Mrs. Whatsit arrives unexpectedly things begin to happen. Calvin arrives and tells them he felt something pulling towards them. Their suddenly taken off to a different universe where they learn that not only do they have to save their father but defeat something much greater.

The characters were great, especially Charles Wallace! I enjoyed the conversations each of them had with each other. With their advance thinking it made it all the more interesting. Although these kids are super smart they were still kids, afraid and asked about a millions questions a minute and that made it realistic.

The first half was very entertaining then I found it less and less compelling. As the story continue however it began to pick up and found it intriguing again. It’s a story about friendship, light and dark and the power that Love has. It’s a definite story to tell to kids and I can see why it’s a beloved classic.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer Book Review

“Off with her head!”  – The Queen of Hearts. What made this Queen so feared, ruthless & merciless? That was a question I didn’t ask myself until I got my hands on Heartless.

My only experience with retellings was with As Tell As Old As Time (Beauty and The Beast) and that wasn’t the best. So when I say I was hesitant to read about another one of my childhoods I mean I had this book for months on my shelf. To be completely honest, out of all the times I’ve watched Alice in Wonderland I never asked myself, “what is the Queen’s story?” Although I haven’t read a lot of retellings of classic tales, I love the idea of story that can go beyond a well known one and a story to fix plot holes. No one like a plot holer (yes, it’s a word because I just invented it).

Alice in Wonderland is a well known and beloved classic and one that I later learned is pretty dark for children. Yes, there’s a caterpillar smoking hookah in front of a child, a crazy guy drinking something that I’m sure isn’t tea with a rabbit, and a queen who likes to cut off heads, but we all watched it and turned out fine, right!

How can a story make a character that you grew up disliking likable and compassionate towards? Heartless is the story of the Queen of Hearts before she was the Queen.

Catherine Pinkerton is the daughter of a marquess and a marchioness. Her dream is to become a baker and open her own bake shop. However, her parents want nothing more than for her to marry the the King of Hearts and become Queen. Cath doesn’t want the royal title and at a ball she finds herself face to face with a joker, and someone she’s been dreaming of. The ball is suddenly disturbed when a creature attacks before the King can propose and she takes that time to flee the scene. In the forest she runs into the joker whose name is Jest and finds herself intrigued by him. It becomes more complicated when Jest is named the new court joker for the King. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, she wants to becomes a baker which is unheard of for a woman of her statues but now she’s fallen in love with a joker who is working for her betrothed.

Although this book took me a lot longer than I care to admit, I enjoyed it! I found myself eager to see when another familiar will pop up and see if they were exactly like the classic or different. It was great seeing Cath BQ (Before Queen) as a driven and caring person, someone that had similar traits to Alice. That made the story more appealing because no matter what you knew how the story will end but getting there was just as intriguing. What made a woman who had goals and dreams become someone that was feared throughout the kingdom?

Cath is the main character of this story but Jest stole the spotlight when he was in a scene. He’s charm and flirtatious game made you root for this guy! I was totally googly eye when he would appear! His confidence and charm made him attractive but his big heart made him irresistible. Along with his mysterious story, I tried placing him with the characters I already knew. What role does his play when Alice was in Wonderland? It become a game of guessing that I have never experienced before and didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did.

Retelling a story to better understand the core of it can go really good or really bad. It could answer questions you had or didn’t even think that you had. But when done right it tells the story with you wanting a different ending knowing it’s meant to lead the story you’ve always known. That is awesome writing in my opinion! Heartless had love, mystery and action. Most important it added more depth to a beloved classic, although it has no correlation to Alice in Wonderland, I know I won’t be seeing that movie the same way again…in a good way! Marissa Meyer did an amazing and fantastic job in telling a story about someone you either wanted to know more about or didn’t think you needed to know. I recommend it to anyone who wish to know about someone who stepped first into the Looking Glass.

Rush By Maya Banks (Book Review)

I have to come to terms with the realization that I’ve met the quota.  

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Gabe is a successful man and a very wealthy man at that. Having his own company along side his two best friends, he had it all. Except a woman he’s been lusting for that just so happens to be his partner’s/ best friend’s little sister.

Mia has had a crush on Gabe for as long as she could remember. With him being 14 years older than her and her brother’s best friend, she believed that he was nothing more than a fantasy to be had.

When she arrives to surprise her brother at a party, their attraction sparks. Gabe suddenly realizes that he must have her. Gabe offers her a job along with a contract for other activities. Sex, it’s sex if you didn’t get it. Gabe has been burnt once and has guarded his heart to appear like he doesn’t have one. Mia wanting to be with a man she’s been in love with for years has been given the opportunity but with the risk of heart break.

I’ve now had my share of erotic reads, clearly since I love Fifty Shades, but I have yet to enjoyed it since then. They all seem like…well sex reads. Yes I know that is what erotica book are for. Hear me out! When reading Fifty I saw it as a love story. NOT HERE FOR DEBATES! Maybe it was because I had never read anything like it before, either way since then all other books “similar to it” such hasn’t sit well with me. I’ve read others that were intense AF and that just has it’s own category but they all seemed bland to me now.

I took a break from it but decided to give it another go. By now you should have figured out how that went. It wasn’t horrible or even bad. It was just the same as all the rest. I wasn’t invested with the characters and didn’t feel the love they were describing. As I was reading I just wanted it to end and that my friends is something I don’t like feeling. I want to travel inside the story and it never end.

This has received great reviews and it don’t shock because again it wasn’t horrible or bad. I just believe I’ve burnt out the erotic genre. A few months wasn’t enough of a break and I might end up reading the rest of this series later on who knows. When I recommend books I make sure that they understand that because I love one book or not so much, that is my opinion on it and it shouldn’t stop them from reading it for themselves.

“No two persons ever read the same book.”- Edmund Wilson

King’s Cage (Red Queen #3) Book Review

Psychological and war tactics…that seems about right.


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The way Glass Sword ended you can say that the wait has been FREAKIN TORTURE! Mare is held prisoner to Maven, the king. From the last two books it was made extremely clear that Maven was in love with Mare, along with Cal. However, we see that there is a fine line between love and obsession.

This book had me conflicted and I loved that! It wasn’t so black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. In the case of Maven we learn why he is the way that he is and I began to feel some sympathy towards him…just a bit. In all you felt the frustration Mare felt when dealing with her feelings towards him too. She’s held against her will, mentally and physically abused by Samson (Whisper) and forced to act as if she’s with Maven. With all that and everything he’s done he’s someone she trusted and in some moments he acts like his old ways. Could you forgive someone who has caused so much and harmed so many?

The battle between Maven and the Scarlet Guard continues and you see division within the guard too. Some want to fight, others want to flee and Cal wants to get Mare back with no deaths, which causes conflicted already. Cal’s mind in strictly on Mare and her rescue and I found that heart warming! Cal struggles without Mare but ultimately it made they realize their true feelings for each other.

I was surprised to read about Evangeline and again the psychological trauma that the characters deal with and had to deal with that has shaped them into the people they become. You see the impact someone has on someone and it can be either positive or negative.

The book started a bit slow but picked up and held the intensity throughout the book. Even after I finished and read that a movie is now in the works and will be directed by the amazing and talented Elizabeth Banks.

Overall King’s Cage was amazing and I’m eager to see where the characters will end up in the next book (2018) and BEYOND EXCITED to see more news on the movie!

Ready Player One Book Review

When being a total geek is all you need to become a legend and filthy rich.

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The world is bad (relate-able) but instead of progress people escape reality and into the Oasis, a virtual stimulation world used with visors. You can leave the life you are currently living and enter a different one as a different person, a “better version” of yourself. James Halliday, the creator of Oasis, created a game within the game before his death that would give the winner his entire inheritance.

Wade lives for the Oasis. Living in a trailer park with his drug addict aunt and psychotic boyfriend, Wade tries to find a way to escape and the Oasis allows that. Halliday is Wade’s idol and since the announcement of the game, Wade has learned everything there is to know about the creator. Along with everything Halliday ever loved, including favorite movies, games, songs, television shows etc. and in order to win you had to know just that.

The game is designed for the biggest and most loyal fan! The game went on and with no success the game was later theorized as a practical joke by Halliday. Wade, Parzival the name of his avatar continued to search. After 5 years since the game Parzival found the first key to the first game out of three. That sparked the world’s interest once again and the search began again but this time with a price for Wade’s life.

The game had a ton of nostalgic! Dungeons & Dragons, Pac-man, Rush, Blade Runner, Atari 2600, etc. The players had to know everything that Halliday has ever said, wrote, watched and played by heart. Including lines from those things too to help locate the final gate. Wade is a loner and the only friend is someone who he’s never even met in the real world. The game gives him purpose and although he is searching for the first key his expectation is one of denial.

The book was slow and didn’t pick up until more than half way. Thank God for audiobooks! After weeks of still reading the book I had to pick up the audio book to speed up the process and in hopes that I would enjoy it more. The audio book read by Will Wheaton was exactly what I needed and I have to say that if it weren’t for it I probably would have stopped reading it, which is a total fail for me!

Once it finally picked up I was intrigued and found I liked the characters. You were rooting for the under appreciated geeks! Although this was a game you see that if this were to happen in the real world people would act the exact same way and I mean people would go bat shit crazy!

One thing I loved was how I could relate to the dedication Wade and the rest of the players had when memorizing certain things. I know I can recite stuff from movies and shows because I loved them so much and watch them multiple times. It goes to show we are cool humans! This wasn’t because they wanted to find the prize, for most of them anyway, but it was something they enjoyed and made them feel like they belonged.

Overall I liked it and again I give some credit to the audio book as well!