Empire of Storms Book Review (Throne of Glass #5)

Return of the King and these people are f-ed horny ASF, those two thoughts were in my head a lot!

Spoilers if you haven’t read any of the previous books, so do yourself a favor and STOP before you end up hating yourself for it. You be warned!

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Characters, characters, characters or look more characters. You have your main ones and your traveling with then than you turn and you’re introduced to more characters. From the last book it did seem a bit overwhelming and though it still is a little bit, you’re intrigued. You are locked it and ready to see where this particular character fits in the current situation.

A LOT WENT DOWN! No spoilers for the books but again spoilers if you haven’t read the previous ones. Now, the last one I mentioned that it reminded me a bit of Lord of the Rings. At the time I was marathoning the shit of out of the movies, because you have a least a few times a year. So I don’t know if that was already in my head and it somehow morphed into my brain and it linked into the story. Since it happened again, three different occasions to be exact, I have to admit that that’s what goes through my head while reading Empire of Storms. And it’s pretty epic!

First LOTR feel is every other character is separated or have yet to meet. Goal is to have these characters in one place.

Aelin, Rowan, Aedion and Lysandra are trying to gather as many allies to help fight Erawan in one corner. Elide is now free and searching for Aelin and Celaena, still not knowing their the same person, but encounters Lorcan who also has a grudge against the very same woman. In the other corner, Manon has made it her mission to fool Vernon and Duke that she and her coven are obedient servants until finds out the truth of their plans but things change when she meets Dorian.

With so many characters, you get so many backgrounds, interactions, etc. but the main objective is to find the three wyrdkeys to end all evil. LOTR feel #2! Although, each of them have a history with each of them, their main focus is destroying Erawan. Just like Frodo and Sam, different I know but bare with me, Aelin and Rowan coincide. The weaker Frodo gets the stronger Sam has to be, and same goes for Aelin and Rowan and vise versa.

Aelin, from a very young age, has learned to push people away for fear of not just betrayal but losing them. Through five books she has struggled with allowing her friends to help her carry the burden that has bestowed on her and to this point you start to see her as selfish, until you learn why. With so much death, loss, she chooses to carry it all, alone, so that they very people she loves wouldn’t have to, and see definitely respect for much more for it.

It’s not about titles, and what belongs to who anymore, because if Erawan succeeds darkness will rain and nothing will matter anyway. So War is set and their ready to kill anyone who is on their other side, which brings us to LOTR #3. There were so many moments that I swear I thought they were going to die. The despair while reading was so intense and then BAM someone, or something comes from out of no where and saves their asses! MULTIPLE TIMES! My poor heart! But the scene the had Lord of the Rings screaming at me was almost to the end, at sea, where I could hear Howard Shore score playing. Outnumbered, weakened, they see their end when something you were hoping would happen comes to the rescue. But again Sarah J. Maas plays you because that’s not the objective.

The feeling I felt when I finished was when Frodo has the ring and doesn’t destroy it in the fire and puts it down. The NO moment, but picture that if it ended there, and that’s what ran through me. Someone give me a glass of wine, leave the bottle!

Whatever their breathing in the air, eating, or drinking must have some serious aphrodisiac side effects! War, death, but we got 5 minutes so clothes off! I’m all more some smutty scenes, and they sure were a few, and if they didn’t bang they sure as hell made it known that that was playing in their heads. Multiple pairings and at this point, I’m invested, locked it and want them to bang each other, fight and get along and repeat.

Empire of Storms is by far the best in the series, still need two more, but it’s holding the title. I was entertained from beginning to end. I’ve grown to not just like the characters but care about them. Seeing them, at least most of them, in one setting was something I didn’t know I needed and loved every second of it. The character development is done so well, considering you’re jumping from one place to the next. I loved it, couldn’t get enough, and so so glad that this series was worth sticking too!


Queen of Shadows (Thrones of Glass #4) Book Review

I might be on a Lord of the Rings binge right now but there were a few scenes where I went, ” that’s a Lord of the Rings scene!” And that my friends is not a bad thing!

Spoilers if you haven’t read any of the first three books…you have been warned!

Image result for queen of shadows┬áCelaena or who really is Aelin, returns to Rifthood to find her old sadistic master Arobyn, only to discover that he is also meeting with her old lover Chaol. Arobyn tells her that Aedion, her cousin, is now imprisoned and ready to be executed on Dorian’s birthday celebration.

Now Aelin has a shit of a pile to deal with!

The goal is still her trying to retrieve her stole necklace from Arobyn, that is holding the last wrydkey. But saving Aedion becomes her number one objective, but knows she can’t do it alone.

The conflict between Chaol and Aelin was definitely in interesting one. First, I was pissed off with Chaol! And it happened through most of the book. But when something happened and they would save a moment or two, it felt more satisfying then if they would have just made up from the beginning.

There was definitely much more character development in this book than the last, and with new characters in the mixed that’s impressive. This had a bit more darker themes, some that I really did not see coming. But for every awful, horrific thing and the impact it had on the characters made them much more likable and intriguing.

Aelin is one bad ass master mind! She was playing every character from Ocean’s Eleven with her secrets and tricks. She would look at the faces of her companions like “it’s cool I took care of it.” It’s probably not likely for one person to do everything she did alone, but it was awesome nonetheless.

I did like her more not just because of it but her reasoning. She had everything taken away from her, train but a fucking sadistic prick to become the deadliest assassin then have the weight of the world on her shoulders but still wanting to save those she loves and cares for, even the douche Chaol. But even that, she still lacks trust. She can not let people in to help instead of her being alone and that it a big problem. I love that! It humanizes her. She can do all this heroic things but she is still human and have flaws, make mistakes. But how you use that to move forward and help you be a better you, that is awesome.

Up until this point I didn’t understand, and really didn’t like the witches, but I did like them in this one. One scene in particular broke my heart while reading. I do see some connection between two characters and I wonder if that will play out.

As vague as this review is I can say that I enjoyed so much and definitely bet out the last one, and continues to just get better as you continue reading. Each book has continued to be better than the last and has it should be. I had a great time reading it, I can’t wait to reading book 5, I liked the characters more, I finally feel an emotional attachment to them, you just can’t stop reading and I’m relieved to finally have that feeling.

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) Book Review

At one point, Kill Bill was playing in my head.

Contains spoilers if you haven’t read Crown of Midnight…you have been warned.

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Celaena is at rock bottom. Drinking, gambling and bar fights since she was sent to Wendlyn by Chaol. Though, Chaol did it to protect her, it does push her into learning more about the Wyrdkeys and stop the King. Rowan, a century old fae, finds her and takes her to Maeve, her aunt and ruthless Queen of the fae. Maeve, sworn enemy of Celaena’s mother, agrees to tell her about the wydkeys but only when she manages to show her the full extent of her powers.

Rowan, magically tied to Maeve, is ordered to train Celaena, then bring her back when she is ready. Celaena having no other choice, agrees.

Rowan and Celaena begin training and he pulls every trick in the book for her to unleash the very powers she has suppressed for the last 10 years. Rowan is a dick! Not only does this dude actually beat her, physically multiple times, but he brings up things that only deepens the wounds she already has. I really enjoyed their training sessions! Immediately the scenes from Kill Bill 2 pop into my head, where Beatrix and her master are training and she has to cut the wood with her knuckles. Awesome scene!

That’s basically the relationship between Rowan and Celaena. He really doesn’t give a shit about her and his only mission is to release her power and send her back to Maeve. As time went on, you begin to see them develop from rivals to a team. Much more that when they were together they had to reveal a part of themselves that they so desperately hide, and it made a great character development.

Chaol was a surprise for me. He frustrated me so much, to a point where I began to dislike him. That was such an interesting twist! Chaol’s life was always black and white, simplistic and Celaena changed that. He knows what’s right and what needs to be done, but not willing to accept the change that goes with it. Though you want to dive into the book and knock some sense into him, you do feel for him and wonder if you would react the same way. His struggle with acceptance plays a huge part in his friendship with Dorian.

Dorian now having powers, is left alone to figure out what to do and how to hide it from his father. He finds comfort in one of his healers, Sorcsha, and ends up helping him hide his powers using special medicines. Just like Celaena, Dorian learns to accept that this is who he is and he must choose how he will use it when the time comes.

The book started off to a good start, but it jump from character to character so much that it was a bit confusing to keep it all together. Mostly, with how Rowan fits in, go Aedion, Celaena’s cousin, who is also the King’s general. The whole bloodline is confusing as fuck! I still haven’t figured it out. Another character that I don’t see fitting at all is Manon. Manon is a witch from one of a few clans, that now are in one area to compete for the King. That whole storyline is odd and I don’t see it coinciding with the story. There are 4 more books so it might change that, but for now I don’t see it as an important part of the story.

Overall, Heir of Fire was a really good read and I liked it more than the last two books. I’m intrigued and curious to see what happens next and how they will reunite. The ending shocked me and I wish I didn’t see a spoiler for it because it would have flooded me! However, it was still heart breaking and did not see it going that way. So well done! Heir of Fire is worth buying and reading!

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) Book Review

When something surpasses the original, I call it Emperor Strikes Back, because it is one of the greatest sequels of all time, and one of the best Star Wars films ever. Off topic, I know but there’s a point to it. Crown of Midnight pulled an Emperor Strike Back.

No spoilers, but spoilers if you haven’t read Throne of Glass. Warnings over.

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Celaena is now the King’s Champion and that title comes with her doing what she was created to do…kill. The King gives her a name and she must kill them, without question, and prove that she completed the task. Even though she’s won the competition, the war has just begun. Something evil still lurks in the castle and the King is aware.

This is where it starts to get confusing. Celaena learns that there are three keys, wrydkeys, that open the Wydgate. Basically anyone who has them are the most powerful, like some Gandalf all mighty. She must find them before the King does because he’s definitely someone you don’t want to have all that power. With all the clues, and riddles and fae lore, it was starting to get harder and harder to keep track of it all.

The names alone felt like I was reading Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, add the faes and all powerful sword and powerful keys, I leaned more on the Lord of the Rings. Love both, but was just stating it was a bit rough to get through. I will say that with all the clues I swear I thought it was gonna go one way for it to spin and shock me. Props for that!

It was interesting to see Celaena’s and Chaol relationship blossom into something that I kind of some saw coming yet it took me but surprise. It was more of a “okay sure” than a “FUCK YES, I SHIP IT” reaction. Still on the fence on my shipping status. But what I saw coming was that this chick was going to be pushed to the edge and sure enough it happened but it was bad ass. Hasn’t she suffered enough? What was done did have me going, “was that really necessary to point her in the right direction?”

What I most definitely did not see coming was the course in Dorian’s story. Reading I saw Dorian as just someone that completed the love triangle between Celaena, and Chaol. But let me just saw it did break my heart a little bit when Dorian and Chaol would talk. I applaud Sarah J. Maas for her ability to make you think a character can be just a secondary character and make them a very important one.

This book did answer some questions you had from book 1 but left you with a ton more. Which I love! It makes you want to pick up the next book and continue on the journey. I mean there’s 4 more books left! Answer some, leave me guessing, answer some, leave me guessing and then give it a Return of the King ending. That’s a bad ass ending if you didn’t understand the reference.

Crown of Midnight, surprised me and glad it did. I’m glad I continued on and I want to see more of the characters and how it all plays out. There were some areas where I was really confused but it picked up and it managed to have a good pace. I had a really good time with it and would recommend it. And if you’re like me and didn’t really enjoy Throne of Glass, believe me when I say that this redeemed itself.


Throne of Glass Book Review (Throne of Glass #1)

The same author that created a series that took my breath away. So it took me three months to finish…

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What if Cinderella, yeah the Disney princess that lost her shoe at the ball, was an assassin?

That intrigued me! For an added bonus, it was written by the same author who wrote A Court of Thorns and Roses series. From my reviews you know how much I enjoyed them. So of course I had high expectations.

In my reading experience a book has a really slow start, than by the 100 page it rocks into the sphere of awesome sauce or the second your eye ball reads the first sentence you immediately know that you are going to welcome insomnia like a long, lost friend.

Celaena has created a reputation, known as a deadly assassin. After a year in prison, imprisoned by the King himself, the King’s son arrives and offers a chance of freedom. A competition, with the deadliest assassins, and the last one standing will be the King’s champion. With no other choice, Celaena agrees.

The concept was so good, so it really confused me when it wasn’t picking up and give me that feeling that I love a book gives you. That feeling of urgency of, “I have to read because I have to know what’s going to happen” feeling. Again, some books do have slow starts so I continue on hoping it will soon speed up. However, the problem with those books, although some do pick up, it takes you longer to finish because you don’t get the urge to pick it up and read. And that’s the curse of a slow start read, because when you finish the book you immediately ask yourself, “why didn’t I finish this book sooner!”

It was like you deprived yourself of something awesome.

I can easily name a few books that had a slow start and they ended up being some of my favorite books. Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses was one of them. So again, I didn’t understand why it was taking me so long to finish this book.

Now, it sounds like I really didn’t like the book, which isn’t the case! It was good. I don’t regret reading it. I’m still intrigued with the concept and wonder how it will all end. But what I didn’t like was definitely the pacing, and the fact that it never got to the point of me wanting to see what happens next. Which brings another issue. The characters. I never got attached. In fact the only character I actually liked isn’t even the main character, Chaol. The Captain of the Guard who is under orders to train, watch and protect Celaena and people from her. Which is probably the only real thing that’s pushing me into reading the next book. I want to see more of his character development, as well as the main character Celaena. Her story has so many missing pieces, interesting pieces but they don’t mean anything if you don’t really have an interest in her. So I want to like her and see her developed into the character I pictured while I read the summary.

It did take me 3 months to finish, which is too long in my opinion. I had high expectations at this book because of the author’s previous works, and this book just didn’t meet it. But because the concept is so fascinating to me I want to read book 2, and because I don’t want this book to have been a waste.

I do hope book 2 is better now that the foundation has been set, I know the characters, and somewhat of their personalities. I do have a theory of the direction it might go and I want to see if that plays out or if it goes in another direction. If it weren’t for the fact that I loved Sarah J. Maas other books, I probably would have hated it and definitely not continue. However, Sarah J. Maas has an amazing way of make you feel a certain way about a character, hook you in that world and then make you think you know the plot and twist it in a way that leaves you feeling like you’re about to hyperventilate. That gives me hope.

Throne of Glass had issues but there’s potential and hope that the next book can show that it’s worth reading the next 6 books. The secondary character was the only one that really left an impression but I’m glad at least one character did. I want to know more about the main character and evolve into the character I know Sarah J. Maas can create.

Sequels are known to either be better than the first or fail to deliver. I’m hoping it pulls an Emperor Strikes Back on me!

Anna Dressed in Blood Book Review

Halloween might be over but this book took longer than expected.

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Cas is a ghost hunter like his father before him and his father before him. When Cas’s father is killed, horribly, by a ghost, Cas is more than determined to be a great hunter and eventually hunt down the ghost that killed his father. Cas and his mother travel, a lot, and come across a town haunted by a girl who has killed when they enter her house.

Anna dressed in blood, is the name she’s known as. When Cas encounters her he finds that she’s nothing like the rest of the ghosts he’s hunted. She’s stronger and insaner than most ghosts. Cas is suddenly surrounded by something he isn’t use to, friends. With their help Cas learns that it won’t be easy to send where every he sends the ghosts but he finds Anna captivating.

When I read the summary, and has been in my to read list for a while, I was fascinated by the concept. Boy kills the dead that doesn’t stay dead and meets girl that is dead and they fall in love. Easy enough. What I found was that it didn’t hook me in as much as the description did. It took roughly a good hundred pages to even interest me.

The relationship, if you call it that, between Cas and Anna was a bit too quick and that made it feel out of place. He meets her then can’t stop thinking about her and all of sudden he’s in love. The quickness of it didn’t make it seem genuine, which is sort of the main point of the story.

One character I did appreciate was Cas’s mind reading friend Thomas. I did enjoy the ending but it did take over two hundred pages to finally make it interesting which it was makes the whole book a let down. I will say that I do want to know what happens to Cas, Thomas and Carmel. So that is something.

Will I continue the series? Probably not right away, and do hope I pick up someday and see where the characters leave off. For now, Anna Dressed in Blood will have to do.

A Court of Wings and Ruin Book Review

There has been a few books where I gasp out loud, scream, cry, yelp, aww, and curse, and all while holding my chest in fear of my heart ripping out of my chest. This is one of them.

If you have not read any of the first two books this is a fair warning that it will have spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Image result for a court of wings and ruin

Feyre has now returned to the Spring Court with Tamlin, pretending that her mating bond with Rhysand has been destroyed and she is still in love with Tamlin. Which intrigued me more. Feyre turned into spy! Keep your friend close, enemies closer. While she’s playing her role of Tamlin’s beloved who has been “rescued” she now has access to Tamlin’s men, numbers, strategies etc. Although, the King of Hyden, the big, evil bad guy of the story, managed to brake the bargain between Rhy and Feyre, their mating bond is still fully intact and with it they can still communicate, telepathically.

But not everyone is fooled, meaning Lucien, who was someone she trusted, who along with Tamlin sold her and her family out, but is now her sister’s mate. The shock of it in the last book still held and I was very surprised that I was very interested in seeing how that plays out.

The relationship between Feyre and Lucien was a mixture of old and new. Feyre relied on Lucien to stand with her with things began to fall with Tamlin and he didn’t. With the case of her sister, Lucien is another person and the betrayal side. What makes it interesting is that Lucien, though chosen wrong before, is aware of his mistakes and though it’s difficult to tell if it’s from the goodness of his heart or the mating bond, Lucien and Feyre must team up to survive was lies ahead.

Now the King of Hybern is readying an army and controlling the cauldron, it’s all out war. You see people who have hated each other for centuries now working together. A different Tamlin that I was not expecting. Then another one entirely. I swear that guy gave me whiplash. Questions were answered, though like an series more appear.

A Court of Wings and Ruin has action from beginning to end. I was on the edge the entire time. There were parts where I had to stop and silently scream, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!” True story.

There was a part of the book, that I won’t say which part, reminded me of Aragon and the army of the dead from Return of the King which is a pretty awesome scene. I love the complexity of the characters and how they manage to deal with what is handed to them. Not just Feyre or Feyre’s sisters but with Lucien, Amre, Rhys and other new and returning characters that I’m hoping to get more of in the next book.

What amazes me is the difference each book has. With the first book, I found it was new discovery, and first love and sacrifices. Book 2 was of self discovery and the true value of love and one self. This one was of family and togetherness.

I never thought that I would be rooting for Feyre and Rhy but damn it, they work and I ship it! If these book have taught me anything is that to expect the unexpected. There were moments where I just couldn’t put it down and when I did have to it, the agonizing thoughts of what is going to happen replayed in my head until I was able to pick up the book and start where I left off.

I truly don’t know where book 4 will lead or the direction the series is heading since there is 2 more books yet to be release. The waiting for the next book is definitely going to be difficult since according to Goodreads book 4 isn’t set to release until 2019. Do hope that it will be worth the wait, but from what the last three managed to do my hope in it is pretty solid.