A Court of Frost and Starlight Book Review (ACOTAR #3.5)

A tease…with four months left until book 4, A Court of Frost and Starlight gives a glimpse of what the characters are up to after the war and what’s to come. 

Spoilers if you haven’t yet any of the previous books!

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When I first heard about another book in the ACOTAR series was to be released this year I was filled with glee. Then I learned that it was actually a filler book, and immediately felt cheated. This book is actually a look into what book 4 will bring, so not a 3.1 but a 3.5 book. Yeah, totally roller coaster of emotions!

Little confused? I’ll just sum up!

Finding allies isn’t easy, especially after a war. Everyone is desperately in need of a xanax! Rhys and Feyre continue their duties as High Lord and High Lady while still trying to deal with what they went through during Hybern. It was interesting to read how much it affect them in very different ways. After each book they managed to get closer, considering they’re mates, but that doesn’t stop the troubles of their lives. I loved that!

SOOOO many heart breaks! And it was the dudes feeling the hurt this time. Lucien is avoiding Elaine. Cassian and Nesta are no different, expect for Nesta. One thing that surprised me was definitely Nesta. After everything, the one thing I was certain of was that Elaine is the fragile one and Nesta is the hardcore bitch. The bitch part certainly didn’t change but it was frustrating not really knowing what is going on with her. Again, this book is a tease!

Az, poor poor Azriel. Dude needs a hug or some ass or both! I have no idea the direction the author will go with him and Mor. Though nothing will probably happen, she’s already made that clear, something is going on with him and Elaine, which confuses me!

I’m glad Tamlin made an appearance, but how he appeared was a shock yet satisfying. The guy wasn’t a bad guy in the first book and though he royally fucked up, multiple times, why shouldn’t he feel somewhat guilty. I’m very interested in seeing what he does next.

For a book that’s less than 300 pages quite a bit happens. It leaves you wanting more and more, as every book should do. It was great reading about these characters again and anticipating the next book when shit hits the fan. Because it will!

Feyre and Rhys proved, once again why their the hottest couple in the series. You see them growing not just together but as individuals. Every character has something they must deal with and I’m eager to how it plays out. It leaves you with more questions but some insights that had me going “awwww.”

A book worth reading, especially if you’re having ACOTAR withdraws and need something to hold on to until October!




War Storm (Red Queen #4) Book Review

The conclusion of the Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones mixed with X-men series. With every great series there’s that feeling of wanting to know how it ends and not wanting it to end. I will say this…I didn’t cry! Am I strong now?

Contains spoilers if you haven’t read any of the previous books. 

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War has began and allies are now enemies…again. Mare deals with a lot in this book, poor kid can’t catch a break. Cal having accepted the title of king once again, their relationship is in a awkward position. Having one mission, end Maven once and for all, was difficult enough then add Cal accepting the very thing their trying to destroy. This book was filled with scheming, which I expected nothing less of a book that reminds me of Game of Thrones.

Scarlet Guard had their agenda, Cal and his advisers had theirs, Maven and Iris and etc. I found it interesting though by the end it did feel unresolved in a way. I would guess that in time of war that would be the case. It’s never a win or lose situation but a lose or not lose as much as the other guy. It does have it’s realistic areas for a fictional story and I give it props.

One character actually stood out more than the rest and it was actually one that wasn’t shown much. Jon! The seer that knows all and messed with their heads in the previous book is still messing with their heads in this one, especially Mare. The concept of your actions having huge impacts in the world was so fascinating to me. This guy betrayed Mare because he knew it had a purpose and the actions the follow must happen for the grand picture. Being a chess piece is something that Mare refuses to be but how can you when even if you ignore the problem that very thing causes an effect. Headache I know but it’s intriguing! I would love to read a book about this guy and what really went on before he meet Mare. That whole thing just stood out to me in a very surprising way.

Though Mare and Cal are no longer on the same side, their still love there and wanting to be together but what was keeping them apart was something I kind of understood. Cal was torn between wanting to do right with a crown with more power or the right thing and have his birth right taken away again. It made sense up until the end where I think a lot of stuff could have been prevented if that very thing happened from the beginning. No spoilers!

Mare reminded me of Frodo from Lord of the Rings a bit. By the end after everything she has been put through that weight of war, loss, heart broken, etc. you really do feel the heaviness of it. Mare sees crown as the ultimate enemy and one that has no good in it. Too much power for one person causes chaos, and has been proven for hundreds of years. But how to destroy it when it’s on the top of the two heads of the brothers that have a piece of her heart. I really felt for Mare!

A character I really didn’t care for was Evangeline. Though she did manage to earn some points it doesn’t erase all the horrible stuff this chick has done. I get her circumstance but I didn’t couldn’t like her as much as the book tried to make me feel towards her. I’m totally with Farley in the area!

The book had a lot of planning and scheming and back and forth banters. The main focus was the war and how it ties everything together. The battle itself was a exciting one but one that felt incomplete. You can say I didn’t like the way it ended, because it’s true, but I get it and it makes sense. Doesn’t mean I have to like it!

Maven. I can’t really get too much into it without spoiling it. But after everything he has done, and though he was tortured and made into the monster he is by his mother, the Norman Bates in his character was interesting but after 4 books it feels anticlimactic. However, I don’t think there was anything that could be done with him that wouldn’t feel that way because it would still feel like it wasn’t enough. He was damaged and evil though not by choice it didn’t change that. He was a very interesting character and one that broke me when he betrayed Mare so I liked him. In the evil character aspect, because if you fail to make the villain feel like a true villain then the whole story fails. He was a good evil bastard!

War Storm wasn’t as heart breaking as I thought it would be but I enjoyed it. The love/dislike (won’t use Hate cause that’s a strong word) about it was the realism of it. Real like doesn’t have a happily ever after, still hoping though, and it has that in this book. Unanswered questions remain but you see the characters as people by the end of this book and that isn’t easy to do. Red Queen is one the best series I have ever read and remains on my list of favorite series. Though I wanted War Storm to have a bigger impact on me, doesn’t change the fact that it’s a good ending to a bad ass series.

The Weight of Feathers Book Review

Two families, sworn enemies, two end up falling in love… that grabbed my attention. That being said, THIS BOOK TOOK ME WAY TOO LONG TO FINISH!

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The Palomas and the Corbeaus have hated each other for decades and have pass down that hatred to their children. As performers they each do whatever it takes to sabotage each of their shows. But their not your average performers. The Palomas were born with scales that help them perform in water…mermaids. The Corbeaus are able to climb/fly any height and shed feathers.

Each family believes the other are using “black magic” and should stay clear from each other and that includes any physical contact, because they believe their bad juju can be transmitted, like an STD or something.

Lace Paloma and Cluck Corbeaus have an encounter, without knowing about who they are, and like every story shit hits the fan.

Intriguing right? Yeah I thought so too which is why I picked up the book in the first place. However, it was taking longer and longer to get into it. The pacing was too slow for my taste and it wasn’t until the very end, the last maybe five pages, that I felt anything for the characters. What was really keeping from giving up on the book was the mystery of what caused these two dysfunctional families to hate each other so much.

Though it received many positive reviews, this book was just not for me. Though I didn’t hate it or regret reading it, it’s not a book I would read again or buy. I will say the summary was awesome just wished the book lived up to it.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck Book Review

I don’t do self-help books. So why did I read this book? 3 reasons;

  1. I give WAY TOO many fucks
  2. The fact there’s “fuck” in the title
  3. Thor aka Chris Hemsworth said it was worth a read


I love reading, as if that wasn’t clear enough. Different worlds, magical creatures, kick-ass characters, fight scenes, love, epic speeches, magic, friendships. I don’t want to read about my problems, I read to escape them!

I did try! But after about a chapter of The Secret, I just couldn’t do it and went back to my fictional worlds. Life was good…well, when I was reading than when I had to stop and return to reality it sucked balls.

Life is funny sometimes. Funny as in hahaha and sometimes funny as in tears in your eyes with the fake hahahaha while flipping the bird to the world. Now, I’m not going to explain the entirety of why I picked up with book, because it would be a long ass post.

Self-helps books to me all sound like someone feeding you bullshit while you get absolutely nothing out of it but it doesn’t matter because they got your money anyway. We all have problems, some worse than others of course, but we all have them. Life will never be perfect and without problems. I have come to terms with that long ago. What I was looking for was how to deal with it and choose what is important and what isn’t.

When to give a fuck and when to not.”

I’m a very emotional person. In other words, I give way too many fucks, which increases my depression and my anxieties. Lovely! What Mark Manson was able to do was write in a way that sounded like an actual human being that went through experiences and has learned a few things and he’s now sharing. He mentions people that we’re familiar with and reveal that they too have dealt with some struggles and use that as an example to illustrate what he is trying to say. You immediately get it!

It puts things in perspective, and a reality check. He states that it isn’t easy, and after it’s done it will still not be easy but for the long run it’s going to be what you needed. I loved that.

Is my life better now that I’ve read this? No, because I haven’t acted on it yet and when I do it will be uncomfortable, miserable for god knows how long but it will bring a freedom that I have been seeking for. The freedom to choose the fucks to give.

This book is an absolute read! Doesn’t matter what you’re going through because we are all going through something and this helps you reevaluate it and see if it’s worth your stress or not. Your pain or not. Not once did he claim it was going to be easy, or that his own life is blissful because he’s written a very well-known and successful self-help book. He just knows what deserves his attention, what to ask yourself, and how to continue what he’s learned.

Was it worth it? FUCK YES! I can’t stress this enough. READ IT. If this isn’t your genre of reading, trust me it’s what you have been looking for.

THANK YOU SIR! (Mark Manson)

Caraval (Caraval #1) Book Review

You know that scene, ( SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANY OF THESE MOVIES) in Psycho where you find out that the killer mother was actually Norman with some serious mommy issues, or The Sixth Sense where Bruce Willis’s character was actually dead the whole time , or when Darth Vader tells Luke he’s really his dad after he cut off his hand!

Point is that everything you were lead to believe was thrown out window, this book, like those scenes, threw so many curve balls that you don’t know what to believe anymore. It was a mind fuck but with magic. MAGICAL MIND FUCKERY if you will.

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A carnival that makes people question what’s real and what’s an illusion, as well as participating in a game that if won you are granted one wish. Like Willy Wonka.

Scarlett has written letters to the Master of Caravel named Legend begging for her and her sister Tella to be invited to the Caraval. Years of writing, with no response, Scarlett writes a final letter that states she would be married soon and this would be the last chance for her to see this magical experience few have witnessed. With that Legend sends three tickets for herself, her sister and Scarlett’s fiance’ to Caraval.

Scarlett takes her role of big sister very seriously, cautious and willing to do whatever it takes for her and her sister to escape their abusive father. Tella is the carefree, daredevil, opposite of Scarlett. Caraval’s game is different each time, and this time is finding her sister Tella who has now been turned into part of the game. Find her first and she wins.

Pretty straight forward…YEAH NO! There are so many twists I have lost count! You don’t know who is a good guy or a bad guy. There are so many mysteries in this book that you can’t help but try to solve. You’re drawn in with this twisted game this guy, Legend, has created that you want to know more with every chapter.

I was entertained, shocked, SHOCKED, with every revelations. I liked Scarlett, Julian the sailor who reminded me a bit of Han Solo with his carefree, flirty demeanor. The story of Legend. The beginning was a bit slow but once it picked up it left you wanting more and more. Caraval surprised me in a wonderful way! It’s a great mystery book, unpredictable and although the ending was a bit much I’m sure book 2 will tie those lose ends.

The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass #0.1) Book Review

Like the Hobbit that tells stories before Lord of the Rings, Sarah J. Maas brings stories of Celaena before the events of Throne of Glass. 

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I’ve never read a book that was in between books of a series, but since I have finished the series and patiently (not really) waiting for book 7, I thought why not give it a try. Another reason I wanted to pick it up was that fact that Celaena described a character that she was so attached with and we really don’t know much about throughout the whole series. So this fills in that gap.

Broken into five very key events, I was surprised that I was very much intrigued! I don’t know if it was because I have now grown to love the characters and the story but I was eager to see how certain things played out when I already knew the outcome. Either way, it had me.

I really did enjoy that feeling of getting to know why Celaena hated a certain person, or how her relationship with Sam started or that Arobynn is still in fact…A DICK!

What threw me off balance was that fact that I knew an event was going to occur, knew details of it because it was mentioned in the Throne of Glass books. So why…why, did I cry as if I didn’t see it coming? Let me say, that it broke my heart and I did not think it would. You got to know this character in a deeper more personal level that when it was mentioned in the other books I didn’t really care as to knowing the character and that very thing you thought wasn’t important to being the very thing that make you bawl your eyes out.

I definitely recommend reading the series first then going back and read the prequel, but that’s just my preference, based on this one book I’ve read. Assassin’s Blade was a great read and one I enjoyed very much. Now…is it October yet?

Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6) Book Review

Okay, seriously, Lord of the Rings must have been an influence because there was AGAIN another scene take from Return of the King! Cinderella retelling…I THINK NOT!

Spoilers if you haven’t read any of the last five books. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!

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Starting right after I finished book 5 (Empire of Storms) I was taken back when each chapter has Chaol and Neslyn and completely leaving out what went down in the last book. Then I realized the chronology of events. While everyone was out fighting and Aelin doing her “you thought I didn’t have a plan B,C,D,E” moves, Chaol and Neslyn traveled to Antica, the best healers and possible allies to help Aelin fight the war.

Chaol, now Hand of the King (Dorian now King but not in his kingdom) isn’t just there so find someone who could possibly help him walk again, but to try to convince this King Khagan, a King that with their traditions has his children fight for the right to rule, to follow Aelin and fight along side them against Erawan.

Neslyn, now new Captain of the guard, is determined to help convincing this King and stand by Chaol in his healing processes.

Simple…YEAH NO!

That turn of events that happen throughout this book still has my head spinning.

First, we are introduced to new characters. Yes, new characters, as if this series didn’t have enough characters. Not just that but you end up caring, even loving some of these new characters. I swear Sarah J. Maas is a wizard with her writing skills.

Yrene, one of the best healers in city is asked to take Chaol as a patient. Her calling is healing but is taken back when she learns that Chaol is from Adarlan and stood by the King. Suddenly, her oath are “fuck that guy!” Loved that! Not knowing the full story about Chaol, she immediately sees enemy but putting her feelings aside becomes a test for her and begins to try and help him walk.

With so many characters already, and already having five books to have some sort of a connection to them, bringing in a new characters was a bit odd to me, and to be frank didn’t really like it. Again, wizard Sarah J. Maas worked her magic and changed my whole view! I really liked Yrene. She was an intelligent, head strong, loyal, caring, and I loved every scene she had with Chaol. The interaction between the two was so interesting to me because it dealt with a lot of inter pain than physical ones that were effecting Chaol and his inability to walk. You can bullshit all you want, which he does, but when some like Yrene and her ability to be able to see parts of your dark, past, makes it difficult to lie your way out.  Chaol was someone I was constantly frustrated with and I did like that I was much more sympathetic to him in this book. You see a different Chaol and made me say “about damn time.”

Neslyn’s backstory wasn’t really explored yet and you definitely get to know her more in this one. She was someone that agreed to not just follow Chaol because she trusted him but to follow Aelin as well. She wasn’t just someone that could follow orders, she was someone with a father, sister, nephews, a family, and it was refreshing to have her story revealed. Saying it now, the chick is a bad ass too! The female power is this series is amazing!!

Although this book is centered on Chaol and Neslyn while other events are happening else where with the other characters, it is also broken into each of their struggles and discoveries. You get to know them in a deeper level, while getting to know new ones and welcoming them to this giant sized fictional family.

Certain things that end up happening were a bit predicable yet I grinned and laughed and screamed so job well done. This book really surprised me, with all the twist and turns, shocking events, even the ones I called on made my heart race. The ending couldn’t have been better and it’s a great way to book 7.

I can’t say it enough about how much this series surprised me. I’m so glad I stuck around because I’m so eager to everything wrapped up in book 7 and have every character in the same book and even room, that it going to be an awesome dialogue.

Overall, it was a great book, awesome adventure, heavy on the feels, you end up caring about new characters and their roles in the series and makes waiting for the final book all the more difficult!