Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

This is the 15th Marvel Movie!!

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Star lord (Chris Pratt) ends up finding his long lost father whose played by Hurt Russell. Family reunion! Some of the guardians go with Hurt Russell’s character while Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Baby Goot, who is the cutest freakin thing, stay behind.

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Vol. 2 is definitely a Star-Lord movie but its broken into groups of each of them! I was surprised that it turned out to be a very emotional movie. These gold people called the Sovereighn are hunting them down because Rocket had stoled valuable batteries from them. The Sovereign’s weren’t necessary for this movie other than leading into Rocket’s true natural.

Star-Lord reunites with his father. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) try to yet again, to kill each other because their sisters. Want I did like was that we were given a little more back story on how evil Thanos really is.

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Then we’re with Rocket and that was a shock. I him as this comedic, strong willed raco… I mean person. To learn that was his defense mechanism was really an eye opening to how I will see him that was great.

Although I’m all for crying until the next morning, I found it too overwhelming. Not saying that they should take it all out but perhaps cut the time on each them. It felt like an origin movie than a sequel.

There was one thing I didn’t really like but that goes into the spoiler territory. The music of course was kick ass and I excepted nothing less!

I will say that there’s a scene with Star-Lord And Yondu that had me tearing up but because of Chris Pratt and his father that made that scene all the more powerful. I’ve read about how much this movie helped him with his father that i found it amazing that he took everything he was feeling and reflected it to Star- lord and that was great!!

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Overall, it wasn’t as great at the first but I had a good time watching it. It had A LOT comedy relief, the cast has even better chemistry and I hope they change a few things in the next Guardians.


Spider-man: Homecoming Trailer 2

The second Tom Holland arrived on the screen during Civil War I was hooked on him being the new Spider-man! When the first trailer released I was in awe and I’ve never said that when it came to Spider-man. Now trailer 2 shows more and if I had to critic about it is that they showed a little bit too much. It looks bad ass and I’m beyond excited for it, I just wished that would have kept some of the plot until you see the movie. Either way it looks fan-fuckin-tastic! 

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Doctor Strange Movie Review

Iron man if he had a baby with Harry Potter and was sharing custody with Inception.

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I knew absolutely zero about Doctor Strange, granted I’d heard of the name which was about it. Seeing the trailer, I had my doubts, and not because it didn’t look appealing but because it was a whole new movie with a new character. The bar had been set and pretty damn high with 10 Marvel films behind it, so I was expecting a hell of a movie.


Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a neurosurgeon, a very talented and egotistical. Choosing on patients based what would bring him more popularity instead of just saving lives for the good of his heart. The resembles between him and Tony Stark was perfect! A character that sees themselves as Gods and having it taken away to really show them what really lies beneath.

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Strange get into a horrible accident causing him to fracture his hands and causing him to lose his job as a surgeon. Strange learns about a man who was beyond help and defeated the odds and walked when doctors, including himself, said he wouldn’t. Strange seeks help in Nepal who helped that very man walk in hopes he would be able to heal him hands.

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The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) shows Strange the way of the force, or magic, and Strange becomes a believer. What I liked about this movie was how it made it clear that Strange didn’t want to be a hero and help fight bad guys but to just get the ability to work again and get his popularity back. It showed how the layer of his persona began to strip away. I enjoyed watching him learn about the magic instead him just suddenly become a great kick ass sorcerer.

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Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) the bad guy in the movie has stolen pages from an ancient book that would destroy the very universe as we know it. The effects in this movie is WILD! I was worried that it just make you dizzy, look beyond weird and it not fit to the movie but it fit perfectly!

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In every Marvel movie there’s a bit of humor, okay a lot of humor because it’s awesome, I wasn’t expecting much if not any humor in this one. Just like Doctor Strange  I don’t know anything about Benedict Cumberbatch either. I saw him as a serious guy but the dude is funny! It had comedy that made it feel like a Marvel movie.

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Doctor Strange was awesome, I had a great time watching and left with a Doctor Strange fan as well as Benedict Cumberbatch, two for one! I excited to see more of this character in the films yet come and beyond eager to see him with the rest of the cast from the previous movies…Infinity war maybe?

If you’re a TRUE MARVEL FAN than I shouldn’t be saying this but if you’re not, stay to the very end of the credits. Two scenes are shown and it’s worth the wait!

Doctor Strange will return.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review (Spoilers)

Even better a second time!!

This is a warning to you know that this is a SPOILER FILLED REVIEW! So if you haven’t seen it, stop reading and read my spoiler-free review Captain America: Civil War Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

Read on your own risk…

We’re taken back to the year 1991, and we also see Bucky being brainwashed by Hydra using certain words. Bucky is then given a mission to steal a special serum that can create super soldiers. Creating a car crush Bucky steals the serum that was being transported in that vehicle. More on that later because it’s HUGE!

The Avengers, which is lead by Captain America, are on chasing Crossbones, who was from Winter Soldier, who is trying to steal a deadly virus. While the team, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and Black Widow, all split up to retrieve the virus, Cap and Crossbones face off. Just as Cap is about to win, Crossbones reveals to Cap that Bucky remembered who he was, which takes Steve off guard. Using that distraction Crossbones detonates a bomb that’s attached on his chest. Just then Scarlet Witch uses her power to contain the explosion and elevates Crossbones into the air, when she loses control and it goes off, exploding near a building killing many innocent people.

Back the Avengers headquarters, Senator Ross (William Hurt) thanks the Avengers for everything they’ve done for the humans only to mention that they fuck ups. Ross shows them the destruction they’ve caused with their hero ways. He reveals that all that can be prevented if they sign the Sokovia Accords, which basically gives the government control of them.

The avengers are then left to discuss the accords and this is basically the beginning of the separation of the group. Tony Stark brings up the point that even though they’re actions are based on good and helping people, innocents are in the crossfire. One that did surprise me in a bit was Black Widow’s take. We all knew she was on Team Iron man from the trailer, whoever I did want to see how she decided to turn her back on Cap.

Bringing up that the world is now afraid of them, the accords would be the best course action to gain their trust. Steve aka Captain America totally against the accords and sees it as giving up their freedom. He tells Tony that if they sign the team will be sent somewhere they don’t want to go, and what if they need to be somewhere but the government doesn’t send them.

One of the things I loved about this movie, and there’s a shit load, is how they didn’t just make one side right, but you see each side and you end up having a conflict with yourself. You end up asking, what would I choose if put in that decision? If you don’t come out of the theater thinking, I really didn’t know which side, you’re full of yourself! TOTAL JUDGEMENT ON YOU!

Peggy Carter dies in her sleep and that event revealed that Agent 13/ Sharon Carter was Peggy’s niece. The scene played out well for Cap to see that he needed to follow his heart and stay true to what he believes in. My heart was shattered into a billion pieces, and not because it was the death of Peggy or the speech Agent Carter gave. No, it was because it had to do with the romance between Captain America and Sharon shared that cut deep. Just a little heart break on my part…let’s move on because obviously he did.

The team have chosen their sides. On Team Iron Man, Black Widow, Vision, and War Machine. Natasha tells Cap that she knows he won’t sign the accords but feels like she isn’t ready to lose him as a friend. In Vienna the states join together and discuss the accords, where we meet Black Panther/ Prince of Wakanda (Chadwick Boseman). In my spoiler-free review I said that I didn’t know anything about Black Panther and since he is getting a standalone film, this would be a perfect way to show the character off. They did an awesome job! Not only was he just a great character, but they had me invested in wanting to know more. There was an explosion and ends up killing the king of Wakanda and ultimately the source of Black Panther to seek vengeance.

News then blasts The Winter Soldier/Bucky and have a picture of him at the scene of the crime in Vienna. Captain and Falcon track him down and try to rescue him before the military get to him first. Bucky finally reuniting with Steve, tells him that he wasn’t in Vienna when that bomb hit. Bucky runs out and meets Black Panther, who have an awesome fight scene. Cap, Bucky, Black Panther and Falcon are all running down the highway when they’re caught and are taken in by War Machine.

Back at the headquarters, and their weapons removed, Bucky is locked up in a cage box and taken away from the rest. Just as the team are once again separated, Bucky is set to have a psych valuation. Cap begins to realize that perhaps signing the accords isn’t just a bad idea, only to learn that Tony has Wanda/ Scarlet Witch confined by Vision.

Colonel Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) manages to sneak into Bucky’s prison cell and begins to recite the words in the Hydra how to book, that causes a switch in Bucky’s mind. Bucky is now under his control. Back at the facility Vision is holding Wanda, Hawkeye breaks in and takes Wanda. It of course backfires and Wanda uses her magic and takes Vision down. It was just a great scene and sad as well, because you started to see that Vision has grown to like Wanda and have a bit of a crush on her only to be taken down by her.

The team, minus Wanda and Hawkeye, try to fight off Bucky and fail. Cap and Bucky fight it out and Cap takes him to a safe place. After Bucky shakes off the brain washing words Zemo used, he reveals that Zemo is heading to Siberia because there are more super soldiers like him there.

On Team Captain America, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Bucky, and they recruit Ant-Man. Cap’s group head to the airport only to be stopped by Iron Man and his group, which has one more member…Spider-man! Again, in my last review I raved about Tom Halland as Spider-Man and will continue to obsess over him. I’ve always known Spider-man as a nerdy, skinny, teenage kid. They actually made him as he was meant to be! Every scene Spider-man was in was just hilarious and brilliant! You have this teen who is surrounded by superheroes HE TOO IS OBSESSED WITH AND HE ACTS LIKE A FANBOY WHILE FIGHTING! There’s a scene where he’s fighting Bucky and Spider-man grabs his hand and says, “you have a mental arm? Dude that is awesome!” I was dying laughing! That is how Spider-man should be. Yes, he too is a superhero but in this case he just got his powers and he really doesn’t know what to do. For him to be so new to it and then act like he’s badass would be just way off.

Spider-man fighting was so entertaining and want really sealed the deal, was when he made a Star Wars reference. Yeah I love this kid!

The team are all fighting, and Cap and Bucky managed to slip away when Ant-man turned giant, and head to the aircraft. Just as their about to leave Black Widow is there and ends up tasering Black Panther to help Cap and Bucky escape. War machine sees the aircraft and follows it, with Falcon on his tail. Iron Man orders Vision to shoot Falcon only to miss and hit Rhodey. Rhodey is paralyzed but alive. Tony learns that the team is held in a island prison and head there to try to find something on the whereabouts of Steve and Bucky. Falcon tells Tony that if he finds Steve, he must go as his friend.


Iron Man finds Cap and Bucky in Siberia and make peace and try to find Zemo. In the lair of death they find that the rest of the super solders have been killed. Zemo, behind a protective glass, tells the guys that he’s waited a long time to meet them. He then shows them a video tape…

Okay, back in the beginning of the review I said that 1991 was going to be important, yeah this is it. The tape starts and Tony immediately recognizes it. The car crush Bucky caused wasn’t just to steal the serum for the winter soldiers but an execution…on Tony Stark’s parents. Bucky killed Iron Man’s parents and Tony is pissed, with good reason. Cap tells him that it wasn’t Bucky but Hydra, and they made him do it. At this point Iron Man asks if Cap knew, and the second he said yes, Iron Man is set for blood.

Iron man, Bucky and Captain America start to fight, which Zemo escapes because his job is done. Outside while the rest are killing each other, Black Panther arrives and Zemo tells him why he did all of this to the Avengers. Now, I’ve heard people say they didn’t like that Zemo did all that because he lose his wife and son during the fight in Zokovia, but true to see that he let his tragedy cloud his judgement and let reverence win over him. I liked that Black Panther was the one that told him that because he too was consumed by revenge over the death of his father and wanted Bucky to pay. The movie just left to loss ends and it was just done to well!

Iron Man is beaten but Captain America and just as Cap and Bucky are walking away Tony yells out that he should have that shield because he doesn’t deserve and that his father made that shield. That scene broken my already fragile heart and you seen Cap dropping the shield, leaving Tony behind.

Rhodes is recovering, thanks to Tony and his robotic legs, tells Tony that even though his situation sucks he wouldn’t have chosen differently. Just then Tony receives a letter from Steve apologizing for not telling him about Bucky and gives him a phone, telling him that no matter what he is there for him. Steve breaks out the rest of the team from the island prison and escape.

At the end of the credits we see Bucky being looked at by doctors, because Iron Man ripped off his mental arm, and tells Cap that he needs to do this. Bucky is then placed back in cryogenic sleep, he’s frozen again, because he isn’t under control of himself when the Hydra words are spoken. Cap thanks Black Panther for keeping him safe and tells him that if they find out they have him they will come. Black Panther ends it will, “let them try.” We then see they looking out of a window into a forest like plant with a Panther statue, Wakanda! Our first look of Wakanda and it looks beautiful and huge!

Another end of the credits scene was Peter Parker is in his room. sporting a eye bruise telling his young Aunt May that he had some good shots in too. He is then messing with a new web shooter from Tony and it turns on the Spider-man signal, and at the end says. “Spider-man will return.” Which leaves questions to when because we know he’s getting his own movie, Spider-man: Homecoming  but will he come back in Infinity War?

Captain America: Civil War was by far the BEST MARVEL MOVIE YET, and I can’t get over it! I can’t wait to see it, to have it on my shelf and just continue to fangirl out because it’s worth it!



Captain America: Civil War Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

I can’t stress this enough…BEST MARVEL MOVIE YET!

Might be a given but I’ll talk a bit about it. Civil war is ultimately a continuation from Winter Solder than Age of Ultron. Although everyone returns…for the most part (minus Thor and Hulk) the friendship between Captain and Bucky are focused more just as Winter Solder.

We see the group following Crossbones, who was from Winter Solder, and just as he’s about blow himself up and take Cap with him, Scarlet Witch captures him with her magic and takes him up the air. Before he’s clear, he explodes by a building full of civilians.

Of course the government shows up and we see Ross ( William Hurt) from The Incredible Hulk, speak to the Avengers. The scene in the trailer where he’s showing the group of clips from the previous movies is shown and illustrates that although they’re heroes, they also cause too much damage and lives are lost.

Ross tells them they need to sign the Sokovia Accords, which will allow the government to control the Avengers. So basically it’s a sign or retire.


The movie did an incredible job in not just making one person the villain and the other the hero or the right and wrong, but show both sides. I’m watching the movie and I can see where the characters are coming from when they chose what they do. It’s not black and white scenario and I love that!

Tony Stark tells the group that he believes the Avengers need control and structure then running wild. 

Steve then tells him that they’ll be signing away their freedom. What if they sent them somewhere they don’t want to go and there’s somewhere they need to be at but they don’t send them there.

So the group is divided and they choose who they stand by. Now like I said in the beginning this is more a sequel to Winter Solder and that comes with Cap and Bucky, who are in the crossfire.

I won’t spoil anything and will talk more about it in the spoiler review but Bucky is being hunted and Cap intervenes.

Black Panther is introduced, which we knew he was going to be in the movie from the trailer. Okay, I don’t know anything about him but I liked, I mean I really enjoyed him! I wasn’t expecting to see so much of him, let alone a sort of origin story on him. I officially excited for Black Panther movie.

Let’s talk about the GREATEST FIGHT SCENE FILLED WITH AWESOME HEROES! I loved, fuckin LOVED how they created that scene. Everyone had a spotlight, their moment and it worked. There was so much humor in this fight that just seemed to work so brilliantly!

Tom Holland is the greatest spiderman I have ever seen! Yes, I’ve seen Tobey Maguire’s take. Although he played a great nerdy guy, Tom Holland’s take on it was everything I picture when I think of Spiderman. Tom brought the teenage nerdy kid that Tobey didn’t really bring in my book. I’m excited as ever to see where Sony takes this Spiderman and see Tom Holland bring in this character that we’ve never seen before.

Captain America: Civil War is by far the best Marvel movie yet and I can’t express how amazing this film is. I loved every second of it, it’s entertaining, funny, there’s heart felt moments, excitement, there’s everything you expect and more. If you haven’t seen or go see. If you have seen it, go see it again because I will.

Great, great work Marvel!