Marvel’s Ant-man and the Wasp Movie Review

Best things come in small forms! Totally not a sexual innuendo! 

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Taken place after the events of Civil War, Ant-man (Paul Rudd) is under house-arrest and dealing with a fallout with Hope ( Evangeline Lilly) and Hank(Michael Douglas) . Scott wants nothing more than to complete his sentence and move on, which worked well in the first movie. Hope and Hank drag him into another mission but now Hope is the Wasp.

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Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) a new threat appears, someone who can walk through walls, trying to get a tool created by Hank and Hope. A second villain played by Walton Goggins is in the mixed. Though he’s involvement seems a bit odd, I actually enjoyed it. Not to mention, leaving an open door to some new threats for future films. That’s always good.

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The action sequences are, as expected, awesome! From the car chases, to the Wasp fighting multiple guys in a kitchen, to the duo! Another aspect I’m glad worked was their comedic timing. Luis (Michael Pena) returns funnier than the first film and much more screen time! This dude had me laughing so much and I’m so glad they not only brought him back but used him more. Good call Marvel!

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Ant-man and the Wasp was beyond a good time, it’s a film that hits all the right spots! Actions that keep you locked in! Hilarious! Questions to what comes next and that’s how it should be. Keeping it completely vague, Ant-man and the Wasp is worth watching, awesome summer movie and a great addition to another set of fantastic lineup in the Marvel Universe.

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Marvel fan know this, but I’ll say it anyway…stay until the end of the credits for two, 2, post credit scenes. 



Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Review

A rescue mission…for dinosaurs.

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It’s been three years since the catastrophic of the theme and now a volcano on the very island is now active. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) now an activist for dinosaurs, tries to convince people to rescue the animals before their extinction. Three years definitely changed her. I mean, going from seeing these animals as nothing more than money/entertainment to risking your life for them.

Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) returns to prove, once again that breeding these highly intelligent creatures are dangerous. As it’s been proven time and time again. Cool to see Dr. Malcolm again, though he really wasn’t in it but cool just the same.

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A former partner of John Hammond’s asks Claire in rescuing the dinosaurs before the volcano kills them all. Knowing the Blue is the last of her kind will not go with them and needs Owen’s (Chris Pratt) help. With some history between them Owen isn’t immediately on board, but as you know he does or else he wouldn’t be in the trailer.

The movie starts off really solid and tends to fall flat in the middle up until the ending. That’s a big flop and wish that weren’t the case. The scenes with Blue and Chris Pratt were probably my favorite. Showing that dinosaurs and men can have a relationship and their just animals that are intelligent. The movie does illustrate that well so props!

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The island sequences were actually pretty good but there were a few moments were it was either corny or unrealistic. Yeah, I know unrealistic for a movie with living dinosaurs but it’s true! Does it have the magical feeling of Jurassic Park? No absolutely not but I wasn’t expecting it to be and I don’t think anymore could top what the original did. However, their were moments where I felt the intensity yet other scenes weren’t as strong.

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I will say that the chemistry between Bryce and Chris is a lot better in this one than the last one. Have to give credit where it needs it. If I had to choose Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom, I would go with Jurassic World. But Jurassic Park will forever be #1!

The movie doesn’t really have something new that we haven’t yet seen before, which is what I was expecting. Though the beginning was entertaining, the middle was a very slow pacing, and the end was trying to recover that but didn’t manage to stick the landing.

The movie isn’t bad, and it is watchable but I really just see it as a movie. Which I didn’t want it to feel that way. I want it to feel different, unique, something new. I don’t even see it as a sequel and it should at least feel like that. The ending wasn’t what I was expecting and wish they didn’t go that route. How they’ll end up doing it I’m interested in seeing.

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Overall, it’s watchable, though disappointed in areas I’ll give them that outcome on opinion. Let’s see how part 3 brings it home.

Pixar’s Incredibles 2 Movie Review

13 years waiting… it wasn’t until I watched the trailer that I realized how much I needed this movie. 

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The Incredibles are back and better than ever! Only all superheroes are now illegal and they must stop doing what they do best…save people.

Things start to look up when a super fan/businessman contacts Mr. Incredible, Elasticgirl, and Frozone to try and change the citizens perspective of what the government has lead them to believe them to be. However, Elasticgirl would be the one in the limelight and her responsibility to make it possible for superheroes to come out of hiding.

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While Elasticgirl does her badassery, Mr. Incredible is now full-time dad and the kids, well, kids again. Though the action sequences with Elasticgirl were very cool, I was much more intrigued with how Bob and the kids were handling living a normal life. Bob, lack of sleep and frustrated with Dash’s math homework, or Violet’s crush or the one that steals the show Jack-Jack!

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The laughter I had when Jack-Jack would come on screen made me have tears in my eyes. The family dynamic was much more intact in this film than in the first, I think. Elasticgirl, though succeeding in her missions a villain arrives that uses technology to hypnotize it’s victims and calls himself Screenslaver. The villain had me thinking of Captain America: Winter Soldier. This villain had it’s reasons to doing what it did and though of course wrong, you do see both sides of the situation. However, I immediately knew who the bad guy would be, it was still the concept that I really appreciate.

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EDNA RETURNS TOO! Who else is Bob going to call for advice than costume designer Edna for help with Jack-Jack’s new powers! Like in the first film, Edna stood out to me and when she’s on screen in this one, it’s no different. She steal it!

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13 years waiting for a movie I didn’t think I needed or even wanting and walking out of the movies with my soul being uplifted. The cast is amazing, as we knew they would be but what this movie surpass the first, for me, was the struggles the family had with ordinary life, and it was more on the realistic level that I found so interesting. I laughed so much, so many heart felt moments, exciting action scenes and the joy of seeing beloved characters back on the big screen. Incredibles 2 13 year wait was well worth it and you can tell they put a lot of thought and love in making this movie worth watching and waiting for.

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Pixar you out did yourselves! Now, give me Toy Story 4!!!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

Spoiler alert…Han and Chewie survive. 

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Solo is the story of young Han Solo, who was played by Harrison Ford but now it is played by Alden Ehrenreich. I had very very very very low expectations for this movie. Why? To take a very lovable, memorable, character that Harrison Ford created with Han and hand it over to someone else and have then ultimately change what we’ve known of him is a hard thing to process and accept.

With pictures and trailers I just couldn’t see Alden’s portrayal of Han. But I was going to wait it out until I watched the film and then judge it…

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He was pretty good! I won’t go as far as to say “this guy here is Han and no one can play him better.” But there were moments that were totally a Han Solo move, which is thumbs up. As an actor, I’ve seen him in another film, so I know the dude can act which made anxiety a little bit more manageable.

This film is really shows how he became the pilot of the millennium falcon, how he met Chewie or Lando, really answers questions that we never really asked for but wanted to know. It’s an origin yet a heist but still manages to create new questions.

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Donald Glover kills it as Lando Calrissian! He was someone that I can not see anyone else playing as well as he did! So thank you for that! I loved the meeting better Chewie and Han, because it makes sense in the Star Wars lore. Loved the scene about the Falcon because it’s one that was talked about in the original and to finally see it was rewarding.

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Han Solo meets Beckett (Woody Harrison) who is a smuggler and helps find something that will get them rich and achieve their individual goals. If they fail the baddie Paul Bettany’s character Dryden will have their heads. Which is really all I can say without spoiling the movie.

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The pacing is a bit slow in the beginning and some of the jokes don’t really stick the landing. However, for an action movie it is entertaining and it was very cool seeing certain things that connect to the originals. As a movie, it’s good. I enjoyed and one I would see again. As a Star Wars film…could’ve been better yet it could have been way worse. Positive thinking right?

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There were two moments that had me gasping and smiling and with one of them a million questions. But I live for those little moments!

Han Solo was a good time, great acting, fun and awesome little things that answered forty year old questions. Even with flaws I’m relieved with the outcome considering I was ready to hate this movie. Go in wanting to watch a heist movie and you’ll leave satisfied.

Deadpool 2 Movie Review

Filthy language…just what I needed.


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With the success of Deadpool, the studio would be crazy not to make a sequel. But like so many movies sequels do tend to suck balls. Deadpool 2 isn’t one of them!

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect Deadpool and glad he returned with more innuendos, filthy language, and fourth wall breaking!

Deadpool is now taking out bad guys but when Cable (Josh Brolin) arrives with a vengeance to kill mutant kid with fire abilities, Deadpool is wanting to ignore him but help him at the same time.

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Like the trailer shows he must put together a group of people to help him take out Cable. Going into a Deadpool movie, you’re expecting laughs, a lot of them, but what really surprised me was the sensitive side. I teared up a few times! Domino (Zazie Beetz) was a total badass! Proves that good luck is definitely a superpower.

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There were so many moments, that I can’t say because that would spoil the moment, that were so cleverly placed or mentioned that had me dying of laughter. Though this review is on the vague side, I can say Deadpool was every that is meant to be, surprising with the direction they decided to go on, and proved that Ryan Reynolds was born to play Wilson!

Don’t know if they will make a 3 film, however the way it ended it does make it possible for a third movie. The big question is if this movie beats out the first and really their two separate movies. The first was a basic movie of a guy trying to save his girlfriend and this one is a guy with superpowers choosing if he really wants to be a hero or not. I love both! If I need a laugh Deadpool is there to help and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

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Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

I’m going to be very,very, vague in this review, so fear in reading spoilers. But since it’s been exactly an hour since leaving the theater, that you should tell you the state my mind is currently in.

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Infinity War is the third Avengers movie and the 19th film in the MCU, ten years! I’m basically going to describe the official trailer, because I stop watching anything pass that. As we know, trailers tend to show way more than they should, so I stay clear. Again, vague review!

Thanos (Josh Brolin) the main, big baddie is on the hunt for the 6 infinity stones that have all been mentioned throughout almost every film. Each stone has a specific power and when combined in Thanos’s golden glove of power, he ultimately becomes unstoppable.

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Thanos is by far the most badass villain in the MCU! What they did with this character definitely caught me off guard. It’s one thing to make some “evil” but to illustrate their mind set and show that bad guys don’t see their actions as bad because they feel like their justified and that to me is a very dark and dangers person.  A villain that when they come on screen you feel just as scared and helpless as the heroes.

So they Avengers must team up once again and try to get as many helping hands as possible, which includes Black Panther/ Wakanda, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Again, ten years worth of movies are now coming together in one is a big and difficult task. Though, when I heard about it did not think it wouldn’t work and that did not change when I watched the trailer for the first time. They exceed my expectations!

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I was wondering how they were going to make the events of Civil War play out in this movie. If you haven’t watched Civil War I really don’t know what you are doing with your life. Tony and Steve have basically unfriended and unfollowed each other on every social media platform. But when the universe is at stake you kind of have to put your issues aside and put on your big panties on and get to work.

There were moments where it was jumping from one location to the next too much but you do have to consider that their in different parts at different times and so many characters that you have to try and get each one. I do and will, watch it again, because first time you are so invested in the story that so much is happening that you don’t really see the little details that are happening in the same scene to notice.

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The cast in amazing, which we know because we have been following for years but it’s something else entirely when their finally together and integrating with other heroes and see the chemistry between that makes it all the more special and awesome!

Of course there’s still humor but it does feel darker and heavier than the rest of the films and although I tear eyed a few times, it felt rewarding. I want a deep and worthy and memorable movie that I have been waiting for since high school! THIS MOVIE BROUGHT IT!

It was everything I thought it would be and more. It was heart breaking, funny, action from beginning to end, the cast proves that they can shine individually and together in one film, and proves once again that Marvel has just improved over time…and for that THANK YOU!

I will say this, stay until the very end of the credits because their is more. I only say that for the non-fans because you always stay after past the credits when it’s Marvel!


Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Review

Wakanda forever!

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T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) has returned to his home of Wakanda, and is prepared to be crowned king, after the death of his father in Civil War. One of the things that surprised me about the movie, wasn’t how awesome the actions sequences were, although they were pretty cool, but what the struggles T’Challa has to face. Being King is no easy task!

Being Black Panther, the King of Wakanda, protecting his people, doing right by his father etc. you realize that were are forced to meet this high expectation but what it comes down to is we all have to do what we believe is right and deal with the consequences of that head on.

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The movie deals with a lot of family and the issues of it and I loved it! Especially Shuri (Letitia Wright) who plays T’Challa’s sister and a hell of an inventor and super intelligent, and a badass! I would love to see her and Tony in the same room!

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THE WOMEN ARE BADASSES!!!! I mean you have Michonne and Maz in a movie you bet your ass these women bring it! Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) plays T’Challa ex and believes that hiding Wakanda and all the resources puts them in the wrong. The relationship between the two is a constant battle but levelness. She’s not one to just be Queen and stand by him, she wants to act on what she preaches and believes that sacrificing something that has been hidden can make the world a better place.

Okoye (Danai Gurira) is a soldier through and through. Her oath lies with whoever sits in the throne and I’ve never seen someone be put in a difficult position when their very loyalty is questioned. The battle within herself what such an interesting thing to see and I loved it!

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T’Challa is then challenged for the title by Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). One of the things that people did have troubles with is that we don’t see Killmonger until half way into the movie and I would have liked to have had more of him but I loved T’Challa more, so I wasn’t too upset it by it. What they did beautifully was make the villain have his reasons and you do end up seeing them. Though wrong as they are, you do have a bit of a moment and think “does he have a point?” Rare when a movie does that and does it right.

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The action sequences were mind blowing and add to some kick ass tech, I couldn’t have asked for a better duo! The culture of it all was just so beautiful and fascinating to me and wanted more and more.

Black Panther was a movie I knew was going to be good and it ended up being amazing. I had a great time watching it. I ended up loving Black Panther more as well at Chadwick Boseman. The women were portray as intelligent, loyal, fearless warriors and I couldn’t be prouder! Idols my nieces can look up too!

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If you haven’t seen Black Panther, DO IT! Another great one Marvel!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t already know this but there are two post credit scenes!