Starz Outlander Season 2 Review (Spoilers)

Binge completed and now fully caught up, it only seemed right to review the second season as well, especially since tonight is season 3 premiere.

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The season started off with Clare back to her time and I was immediately thrown off guard. Had I missed something because that last I checked she was sailing off with Jamie. Fear not because what they had created was BRILLIANT! The first episode succeeded in was tell you what the season finale was going to be and the rest of the season, the middle, was get to you wonder what lead to that outcome. I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. It took that one episode to realize what they were trying to do and it worked because I was hooked.

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Jamie and Claire, along with Murtagh, arrive to Paris with a mission to change the future. What I really liked about this season was that you knew that Clare was going to end up back with Frank and her era but wonder what lead her to return and at the end of last season she had revealed to Jamie that she was pregnant. Which was another burning question because didn’t look pregnant when she reunited with Frank and her time with Jamie she was probably a month or two into the pregnancy. There were so many questions that I wanted answered and that fueled the need to watch more and more and that’s great story telling.

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Claire, whose from 200 years into the future, tells Jamie and together they can stop a war from happening and still trying to heal from everything that has happened to them already. Especially Jamie. From my review of season 1 I thought him getting over his ordeal was a little too quick but season 2 came to the rescue. The dude is messed up and as he should be! He gets nightmares everything night and can’t really touch Claire without seeing Randall’s face. That sort of reaction was what I was hoping to see because it made his torture far more realistic and that scene was already twisted, so it would’ve have been a waste for that character not be affected by it.

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I enjoyed watching the political theme of this season. It made that anticipation for the war far greater. Jamie sweet talking to the Prince and other members of the court and them decrypting messages, it was really interesting to see. The chemistry between Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe definitely progressed so much from season 1. Them having conflict and the pain they both carried was 100% generated through the screen. You really felt compassion for both, Jamie trying to overcome what was done to him and Claire feeling powerless in helping him. And as cheesy as it sounds you see that love is truly powerful…cue the “awwww.”

Through the season Claire is pregnant and ends up having a still-born and the scene alone was pretty heavy you continue to see them trying to take burdens off each other and when she breaks down and tells Jamie that she feels like it was her fault for trying to change the future was what caused their daughter’s death truly heart wrenching. That moment a question was answered from the first episode, when Claire reveals to Frank, back in 1948 that she was pregnant by another man, who she was married to. Claire become pregnant a second time before she landed in 1948 again.

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With all the planning and plotting to stop the Battle of Culloden, it still happens and it was cool to finally see something that has been talked about in some of season 1 and the whole season 2. It reminded me of Braveheart although Jamie’s speech isn’t as powerful as William Wallace it was a good “let’s get shit done” speech. Although it wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be I found it entertaining and exciting as hell. We’re introduced to new characters that I look forward to seeing more of in season 3.  That includes Brienna, Jamie and Claire’s daughter, who didn’t sit well with me until I processed what she was going through. Finding out that the father that helped raised her wasn’t her biological father but a man from 200 years ago when her mother traveled back in time through a rock. I mean if your mother told you that you bet your ass you would think she would be crazy or on drugs. So her reaction was definitely right but as an audience knowing the truth, I totally wanted to slap her.

Knowing that the battle can not be won Jamie takes Claire back to the stone and tells her to return to Frank, with their unborn child and live happily and away from possible death. If you don’t end up respecting Jamie or if you’re a woman and feel immediately in love with him you have no soul! The season finale answered questions you have from the first episode but you end up with more which you should have. That’s the whole point of another season.

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Season 2 was so much more than the first season. It had the same elements that kept me watching but it made you care more about the characters, mainly Jamie and Claire, but it made room for more characters like Murtagh, Fergus, and Jenny to care about. The emotional scenes were far more effective because of the growth in Claire’s and Jamie’s relationship and that credit goes to Sam and Caitriona’s performances. Them together is so strong but what I love about this show is that they can make the characters strong without the other as well, and still manage to balance it out well.

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I’m excited to see what season 3 will bring since Jamie and Claire will be separated and how they survive without each other. I wanted to know how they end up together again but are they going to be different, is it going to work? Am I going to yell at my tv screen for it? TELL ME NOW! Outlander exceed my expectations because I didn’t really have any and it’s that good! Season 1 if I had to pick between Outlander and Game of Thrones, it would hands down go to GoT. With season 2 it’s definitely right there with it. Granted Outlander has more of the romance element that GoT really doesn’t have, but it has your action, suspense, mystery, sex and some disturbing shit that GoT does as well. I can see now why it’s so popular and it’s deserving of that praise. If you haven’t seen I HIGHLY recommend it.

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Here’s the season 3 trailer!


Starz Outlander Season 1 (SPOILERS)

Outlander was a show I’ve been meaning to watch and with season 3 set for next month, why not start now.


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Clare (Caitriona Balfe) is a healer and has been on the battlefield to save the lives of soldiers. The year is 1945. The war ended and her and her husband Frank (Tobias Menzies) a historian, go off and have a second honeymoon. Clare then witnesses a strange dancing ritual around these rocks and founds herself drawn back. She then touches the rocks and she’s transported to Scotland 1743. Trying to understand what happened she runs into a British soldier who looks exactly like her husband because he’s his ancestor. Clare is then nearly raped by her husband look-a-like great great great a few more times grandfather, when she’s rescued by a Scottish man.

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The man brings her to his group where she helps heal one of them. Clare is then forced to go with them. Now I’m not going to talk about every single episode that happen but just the moment important parts. Now it was a bit difficult to follow with the Scottish accents, British I can follow just fine, but Scottish is another story. But once you get into it you tend to follow it better. Clare keeps her secret of time traveling to herself but people still tend to disrespect her, assault her, and question her. Clare is groped so many times and close to getting raped that I don’t know how she manages day to day.

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It was cool seeing how she had to stop herself from saying certain things or do certain things because she’s from 200 years into the future and she’s already the odd one out. Clare wants nothing more than to return to the same rocks and transport herself back but something always gets in the way. Now the chemistry between the two main characters, Clare and Jamie (Sam Heughan). Clare’s husband wannabe is Jack Randall, a captain in the British army. A sadistic son of a bitch! This guy is Joffery from Game of Thrones if he were an adult. Joffery was someone we all hated (I’m assuming you’ve watched GoT) and wanted nothing more than to see that little shit head die. Well Jack Randall is no different except he took things that Joffery didn’t really do because someone had the bright idea to kill him. By the way, this has to do with the chemistry, just bare with me.

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Jack Randall have a horrible history, with Randall beating the shit out of Jamie, not once but twice, and once more at the end and we’ll get to that because I HAVE TO! Clare tries to find someone that can take her to the magic rocks when she runs into Randall. FYI the bastard always appears when he shouldn’t. Randall becomes eager to get Clare that the only way to save her from him is if she marries a Scottish man. Oh because she’s English and their suppose to hate the Scottish. Jamie’s uncle who isn’t good at all actually saves Clare. Clare and Jamie get married, you know to save lives. I would marry the shit out of Sam Heughan/Jamie, totally unrelatable.

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Although Clare is married, to a second man, she stills wants to return to her time and to Frank. Which is completely understandable! I 100% believe Jamie is in love with her but when she begins to say she loves him or fights for him, I didn’t really feel like she was in love with him. It felt more like she was defending a really good friend, who she bangs. She finally tells him everything about the time travel and he takes her to the rocks and says goodbye was so sweet. I was completely confused and shocked when she decided not to go back and stay with him.

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It wasn’t until the finally three episodes where I finally believed that she truly loved Jamie and what a time to do it. Now, again assuming you’ve seen GoT, remember the many scenes that made you feel uncomfortable and you ask yourself did they really show that? There were scenes in this series where it was just that but nothing compared to the finally two episodes. Randall through the whole season has been it known that he takes pleasure in conflicting pain. As well as his obsession with Jamie. This whole time I thought that he wanted Jamie because he never gets the reaction he seeks. Jamie been put through hell and he really shouldn’t be alive because of it, no person could survive that. Randall loves the blood, and screams and Jamie doesn’t give me that he craves and that leaves Randall wanting more.

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I’ve never watched an episode, let alone two, where I felt like I needed a shower, a bottle of alcohol and cry into my pillow. Jamie is captured and Randall takes him into the dungeon to inflict something worse than death. Clare stops at nothing to get Jamie back and seeks help from his cousins and friends, who aren’t the greatest either. There’s really very few good people in this show. I swear I though GoT was bad, this one takes the cake. Randall tells Jamie that things would be better if he surrenders himself to him, which Jamie refuses until Clare arrives now to save her, yet again cause you know LOVE, he agrees. Clare is forced to watch Randall nail Jamie’s hand onto a table and Randall kiss Jamie. Jamie begs to have Clare be released safely and Randall does the only good thing and lets her free.  Image result for outlander season 1

Jamie, weak from pain and loss of blood, among other things, is then violated by Randall. When Randall doesn’t get a reaction from Jamie he then bends Jamie over and rapes him repeatedly while Jamie screams. And just as I watch and cry with despair and disbelief, it only gets worse. Randall then gives him something to sooth the pain he inflicted and mind fucks him to the edge, and tells him to think of Clare as he rapes him again. Jamie thinking of his wife, with the medicine he hallucinates and pictures Clare and enjoyed it only come to the realization what Randall did and he is fully broken. I have to commend the actors Tobias Menzies for that performance. I can’t imagine the thought process he must have gone through to achieve such a performance. That goes to Sam Heughan as well! To make you see the horror and defeat in his eyes was truly heart breaking.  Related image

You see the true work of Randall when Jamie is rescued and sees Randall’s face on Clare and refuses her touch. The fear and desperation seen on Clare was actually uplifting because it snapped something inside her and ended up getting through to Jamie. However, he’s recovering felt too quick. Not to say I didn’t enjoy some happiness after all that, because believe me you need relief but if you’re going to break a character like that at least make his or her recovery believable. I know I still have season 2 and maybe he isn’t well at all and what he shown was something that we won’t see for a while. I mean he was ready to commit suicide one second and then he’s smiling and cracking jokes.

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Another issue I had was this was taken place in the past and Clare knew current events that happened in that time and what’s ultimately going to happened in years to come, are they things she’s doing altering the future? Especially with Randall, since she married his descendant. It’s never confirmed until the last scene, where Clare and Jamie are sailing to France. Clare tells Jamie that with her knowledge of the future they can end the war together. As well as her announcement that she’s pregnant when she thought she was infertile, which makes me wonder what will happen when she returns to 1945. The show exceeded my expectations and although their were some slow parts and it’s a bit hard to understand with their accents, I found myself clicking the next episode.

If I had to choose between Game of Thrones and Outlander I would go with Game of Thrones but that’s not to say Outlander isn’t worth watching because it is. The story is great and you get twist and turns, adventure, suspense, romance, action, mystery etc. I’m eager to see what happens next and hope Randall gets a death he deserves, but I’m sure it won’t be enough just like Joffery! If you haven’t watch Outlander, it’s definitely worth watching and binge watching! Season 3 is September 10.

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Netflix’s The Defenders Season 1 Review

It’s the Avengers Netflix.

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4 shows finally come together, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luck Cage and Iron Fist. Now, if you haven’t watched any of shows, The Defenders does a pretty good job in filling you in. But I do HIGHLY recommend you watching them, atleast Daredevil and Jessica Jones, since their the best ones. I’m just going to assume you’ve watched them.

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What I really like was that each character had a different reason for being in the group. Luke Cage talks about making his city safe because of the abilities that were given to him, Danny aka Iron Fist believes it’s his destiny to fight, Jessica Jones doesn’t give a shit and really all she wants is to find answers for her client, who ultimately lead her to the group. What was really interesting was Daredevil, Matt Murdock. Again if you watched Daredevil do yourself a favor and watch it. He’s really a broken person after dealing with so much death and losing people he loves because of this persona he’s created to save people. I loved Daredevil from beginning to end when I watched the show. He believes in justice which is why he became a lawyer but then there’s Daredevil, something inside him that pulls into this lifestyle that demands something that the justice system can’t provide.

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Each them have their reasons and it brought them together, and watching it was so damn entertaining. Stick, the blind two agenda ninja master, tells the group that the Hand, the evil organization that wants world domination, is going to unleash something big. In order to stop them they must work together, which they don’t take very well of course.

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The Hand is ultimately run by Sigourney Weaver, who kills it as a villain. She plays this character that is so desperate and wants to see what they’ve set out to do done ASAP. Sigourney Weaver’s character Alexandra wants to use Danny to open the chamber of secrets and use the basilisk’s bones to create antidote to death. Obviously it’s not Harry Potter but that’s exactly was I thought of. Only the Iron Fist can open the door that’s under ground which contains the bones of what looks like dragons. The dragons bones can be cut and formed to a substance that can help them prolong their lives. Like every villain, live to be immortal.

The season is comprised of 8 episode, which was a little disappointing. I think 11 episodes would have been ideal but I do see that they tested it out with the 8 episodes so I respect that.

The season was off to a solid start but it did it hit a slope…



When Elektra ended up fighting the mind control the Hand tried so hard to achieve and ended up killing Alexandra. Sigourney’s character was far more convincing than Elektra taking over and started giving out orders. From that moment it really did fall a bit from the beginning of the season. The whole objective of retrieving the bones just didn’t seem as dangerous and a good enough reason to bring together of group of heroes. Which it sucks because it’s builds up to this major fight for the end to only end up feeling unresolved and anticlimactic in a way.

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Although the ending wasn’t as satisfying as I wanted it to be, the rest was amazing. I loved the chemistry with all 4 characters and how they balanced each other out. The action was good, I prefer the action shown on Daredevil’s show. However, this being the first season I get they needed to set a story line and showcase the team for the first time, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for kick ass actions.

I also enjoyed the return of secondary characters from each of their own shows because does humanize them instead of just seeing them as heroes or people with abilities. What I did surprise me was that I disliked Karen, who I enjoyed on Daredevil, in this season. It went from me shipping Matt and Karen to me wanting Matt as a lone wolf in the dating world.

The Defenders has major potential and if they fix some things that didn’t really work on this season for the next one, it could make for a really amazing season 2. From that ending and what I’ve read, I see a really good story line with Matt and hope the rest follow just like the beginning and maybe bring along the Punisher because he’s series is coming out soon.

Even with flaws it’s an amazing show, leaves you wanting more. If you haven’t seen any their individual shows, it makes you want to go and binge them. Daredevil is definitely my favorite! It hasn’t been confirmed for season 2 but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.

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Netflix’s Castlevania Season 1 Review

Turning games into movies or shows haven’t always worked…but how about anime? Well slap my knee and call me Debra, we have found something that works! P.S. don’t call Debra.

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Dracula meets and falls in love with a human woman and end up marrying. The woman is then burnt at the stake by a Bishop who accuses her of witchcraft. As her body becomes ashes Dracula arrived, pissed off, promises them he will destroy all humanity. The first episode was I think too quick when it came to Dracula and Lisa (his human wife) relationship. You didn’t get to see them fall in love and it wasn’t until the next scene where he popped up and said “wife” that you realized they were together. Although there was no chemistry or much interactions, I’ve shipped other characters with much less contact, so there’s that.

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The Bellmont’s use to be the kingdom’s noble family and respected. They were notorious for killing vampires and demons but now they’re hated because people always got to place blame on someone. Trevor Bellmont, is a drunk and seeks shelter in a bar when he hears some other men talking about his very family. Trevor is a sarcastic, egotistical yet funny guy, and I just liked the dude! The more he talked it felt like he was an anime Han Solo.  It surprised me so much that I ended up crushing on the guy, don’t judge me. Turns out he’s voiced by Richard Armitage, THORIN!! Who knew a voice can be sexy!

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Trevor ends up saving an Elder who is a part of a group called The Speakers. The Speakers are knowledgeable in a lot of things but they don’t write things down only pass things on through talking. Which is a horrible idea if you really think about it. Trevor advises them to flee but the Elder refuses to leave until his granddaughter is returned. Irritated Trevor then tries to save the Elder’s granddaughter.

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The show grabs you from the very first episode which is torture because it’s only 4 episodes and half hour long. I do get why it’s so short and they tired to test the waters and see how people react to it. From what I’ve read and watching it myself, it’s awesome and season 2 is already set for 2018. The characters were great, especially the main protagonist. It’s not something kids can watch because it does contain adult language and it’s super violent. As an adult I loved it and was super bummed when it was over!

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The story is great and I hope they expand more with Dracula and Lisa’s relationship, maybe some flashbacks of them. I want to see more of Trevor and the speakers and how they come together. Overall, waiting for season 2 is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. THEY FINALLY GOT SOMETHING RIGHT! Castlevania is awesome in every sense of the word. Definitely watch it and suffer like the rest of use for season 2!

Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 1 Review

Do yourself a favor and watch it!

Goonies meets Poltergeist meets E.T. mix it all together and it’s one hell of a show!

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A young boy, Will, goes missing and shit hits the fan really quickly. His friends last saw him the night before, after an intense game of Dungeons & Dragons and take it upon themselves to find their friend.

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Back with the adults, Will’s mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) starts seeing creatures come out of the walls and begins to believe that the lights in the house are a way to communicate with him. The Chief police, starts to investigate more into the disappearance and comes up with more than just one case and some serious weird shit.

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A search party begins and the kids head to the last place they saw Will and they find another mystery. In the last place Will was seen, they find a scared lost girl, with a buzzed hair cut and wearing a shirt 5 times too big. The group of kids take the girl back to on of kid’s house. There the realize that the girl isn’t lost but a run away. On the girl’s arm is a number, 011, and reveals that is her “name.”

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At the beginning you’re in three sections. The mother who you know can see and hear her son through the lights and the wall. The group of kids who found a girl, who happens to know Will and has powers. Finally the Chief police trying figure out what is true and find logic.

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Stranger Things is an 8 episode series that grabs you from the beginning. I can’t say more without spoiling pretty much everything. Just know a boy goes missing and a girl is found who just so happens to have powers. The girl whose name is Eleven not only knows about Will but can communicate with him.

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This show of mystery and sci-fi, contains perfectly executed humor with an 80’s timeline that not a lot of shows can pull off. Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven is a fantastic actress and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Stranger Things is a must watch, definitely binge-able.




Sword Art Online Season 1 Review

I’m surprised I can’t speak Japanese after watching Sword Art Online so much! Obsession with this show…there I said it! The first season is in English and the second is in Japanese with English subtitles. 

I’ve always wanted to get into anime but never knew where to begin. My 12 year old nephew has been on a anime craze and told me about this show. SO GLAD HE DID!

A virtual gaming system known as NerveGear is released to the public along with the world’s first virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. Kirito is one of the best players, logs in to Aincrad which is the setting of SAO.

Kirito believes that the virtual world is better than reality, and that concept goes with a lot of the players in the game. I found it intriguing how each player sees themselves as something more than what they really see in the real world.

Kirito befriends another player named Klein and after hours of teaching Klein how to become a better swordsman they decide to log off. With a flick of their finger they can open their main menu, only to discover that the log off button has disappeared.

They’re suddenly sent to the main city of Aincrad, where their surrounded by every player. Akihiko Kayaba, the game’s creator, announces that they can not escape the game. If their Neargear is removed in the real world they would be killed instantly. That also includes dying in the game, die in the real world. The only way to log off is to clear all 100 floors of the game. Akihiko wants to be God of all and he is the DICK OF ALL DICKS!

Win the game and you can leave it alive.

2 years! The players have been stuck in the game for two years. In that time Kirito has mastered the sword and is known as The Black Swordsman as well as a solo player. Kirito believes that taking on someone is a responsibility, in not just their life but his own. Determined to finish the game and again save himself and everyone else, he sets off to win the game.

Sword Art Online is a mixture of Kill Bill ,The Matrix and Zelda! If that doesn’t make you want to watch you’re definitely missing out! SAO has friendships, first love, heartbreak, and swords and a lot of it.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the players in the game created their avatars as their alter-ego, someone they wished they were. Another reason the players were so drawn to that world was that most of them didn’t have much of a social life in the real one.

Shocking right?

Even though Kirito and the players he ends up meeting and befriending, there is difficulty in finding out their true identity in the real world. In the game they choose an online name instead of their own. Yes, even Kirito isn’t his real name.

I love that! I know we all wish to be someone else, someone who we picture to be better and bad ass!

I can’t be the only one!!

Each episode is a level the Kirito must pass to get him one step closer to freeing himself and the rest who are trapped in the game. The series also has some backstories of some of the characters that explains why their in the game.

I couldn’t get enough of it and I’m still hooked and want more. The entire story and characters, as well as the concept, drew me in and kept me on edge. Sword Art Online is said to be one of the greatest anime and I can see why.

Seasons 1 & 2 are available for streaming on Netflix, which is how I watched it. I’ll review season 2 soon. I will say this about season 2, MUCH DARKER!

Sword Art Online is forever in my heart and I love Kirito each time!





The Walking Dead Season 6 Season Finale (Spoilers)

Mondays are hard enough but add in The Walking Dead to the mix and we’re fucked until it returns for us to feel normal again.

This is a warning if you have not watched last night’s season 6 finale do not read on because this review contains spoilers, I need to vent, so if you haven’t watched it go watch it, and then back. If you have watched it yes I am suffering with you. If you don’t care something wrong with you but you’re welcome anyway!

OK warnings over let’s go…


Negan has finally arrived but before we get to that it shit hits the fan real quick and leaves us feeling  vulnerable and anxious through the whole episode! I really don’t think it’s healthy for us to be in that high level of anxiety for that long, but the writers said fuck it!

Last episode Carol left and now Morgan has gone after her. Something’s wrong with Maggie and the baby. We still don’t know what happened to Daryl if he’s alive or not, same goes for Glenn and Michonne and Rosita. So there’s a lot of unanswered questions that we need answers to desperately.

Rick immediately takes action and orders that Maggie should be taken to the hilltop where they have a doctor. You know since the Dwight killed Denise. Accompanying Rick is Carl, Eugene, Aaron, Abraham and Sasha, and leaves the rest of the people to protect Alexandria from the saviors who they know will be arriving.

Rick and the group take the RV and head their way only to be stopped in every direction by the damn saviors. Maggie begins to worsen and you see Rick’s fear and hopelessness that they might not make it, not just to save Maggie but as well as themselves. With little gas left and the fact that the savior’s have greater numbers and more weapons, kaprelian Eugene comes up with a plan to divert the savior’s away from them. Eugene will take the RV them thinking the group is inside while the rest of the group take Maggie and head on foot.

Morgan finally finds Carol  huddled in a corner and wounded. Carol begs Morgan to leave her and Morgan tried to tell her that they need to return and that people care of for her. But you see Carol actually just wants to die and Morgan is confused by this because he’s seen her as a survivor and a kick-ass warrior and for her to change to this vulnerable, broken person doesn’t make sense. Carol sort of reveals why she left by stating that in order to protect the people that she loves, you have to kill but if you can’t kill you can’t protect them meaning you’re a danger to them.

Which I still don’t understand! You’ve seen Carol make hard choices before and lecture Morgan about his non killing rule. And now when she kills or is about to kill she breaks down, she’s hyperventilating and crying, which just doesn’t add up. Carol makes her escape leaving Morgan behind and ends getting caught by one of the savior’s who survived the car attacked in the previous episode. Just as the savior is about to pull another shot, I mean this guy has already shot her twice , Morgan shows up with the gun that Rick had given him and begs him to put his weapon down. The Savior refusing him Morgan takes not one not two but multiple shots and takes the guy down ultimately breaking his non killing rule… for Carol!

Just as Morgan tries to help Carol two guys show up, fully geared up with one horse who we did see one guy leaving the barn in the previous episode and wanting to help. Now I have not read the Comics so I don’t know who these guys are but based on their actions with Morgan and Carol I’m guessing they’re good guys and will have a bigger role in next season.

Rick and the group are carrying Maggie in the woods when they’re surrounded by saviors. WHAT THE FUCK!? Completely surrounded in nowhere to run and completely outnumbered as well are forced to kneel just then they bring out the rest which at this point we’re ecstatic that they’re even alive even though it’s a shitty situation. Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita are alive!! We also see Eugene beaten up beside the RV.

Inside the RV is none other than… Negan. Negan begins his lecture to the group about how he doesn’t appreciate them killing his people and then goes on that he ordered his people to kill Rick’s people and the fact that they retaliated was not cool. You listen to his “reasoning” and have to reactions.
1: is this guy for real? Of course Rick’s people were going to retaliate! That’s what happens when you mess with them!
2: this guy might be scarier and more deadly than the Governor or anyone we’ve seen so far… And it’s kind of twisted that he’s pretty awesome as a bad guy.

Negan continues and says that he wants them to work for him therefore he won’t kill them however the fact remains he needs to punish one for their “crimes against his people.” Holding a bat with wires around it that even has a name for it, Lucille, goes around each person and starts;
Eenie meenie miney mo… To choose who he’s going to kill! Twisted and dark shit!!!!

What makes it worse, I know how can I get any worse, is Rick’s facial expression. Rick’s belief that his people can overcome anything and survive anything is ultimately crushed and taken away from him and you see that! This beats every situation he’s been in, there’s no escape plan, there’s is no plan B, there is no help coming. And that is heart wrenching!!


Negan finally choosing someone and faces the camera and beat down on that someone, who we don’t see and we as a viewer that person is dead. I know what you’re thinking, you can probably guess who it might be by the order they’re in. Well you can’t! As painful as it is because I want to know who died I have to give credit to the editing team because they scrambled up every person he tries to pick which makes it impossible for us to try to figure out who it might be.

The only clues I was able to figure out was who didn’t die. Right before Negan beats down the mystery person, he says if anyone tries to move cut out the kid’s other eye, which of course refers to Carl.

Which rules out Carl being dead because why would you cut out a dead kid’s eye.

The second clue is Negan also said that if there was a movement that someone cut off the kids other eye and give it to his father.

Which means Rick’s not the chosen one. Which in another situation that would suck but in this case chosen one would be bad.

But that’s it! We still have Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Aaron, Abraham, Sasha and Eugene with fate unknown!

People were PISSED OFF because of that cliffhanger, which is understandable because yes I too am pissed. However, I’m no stranger to intense cliffhangers like this, and I look at it like a great way to start a new season. Sure it’s torture but the thrill of a new season that will answer burning questions and the excitement of it all, I enjoy. I seriously need help!

But this isn’t about me!

Season 6 was a great season and although the identity of the person Negan killed is revealed in the comics, I don’t want to know. I love the anticipation and the shock of the reveal. So no I will not read them to find out, though it is tempting. An applause to Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is truly frightening Negan, I can’t help but like a villain that is as they claim to be. I do fear for my favorite characters, but a show like this wouldn’t be as great as it is if there weren’t new challenges.

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres this October…let the torture begin!