Hidden Figures Movie Review

Based on a true story that we didn’t even know happened! 

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The year is 1961, mathematician Katherine (Tarahi P. Henson) works alongside her colleagues at NASA, aspiring engineer Mary (Janelle Monae) and her unofficial supervisor Dorothy (Octavia Spencer). Although very intelligent, their woman of color and being in a very segregated Virginia the woman have to work 10x more.

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Russia successfully launched it’s first satellite in space. Now America is racing the clock and doing everything possible to send the first man to the moon. Katherine becomes the first African-American woman in the Space Task Group. The scenes with Tarahi P. Henson were incredibility powerful. Here was a woman trying to achieve something that has never been done before, but because of her the color of her skin, is over worked, disrespected, and disregarded. With the segregation in the building there isn’t a colored bathroom and Katherine would constantly have to run to another building to use “the proper bathroom.” The supervisor Al Harrison (Kevin Costner) becomes upset to find her missing from her desk and causes Katherine to break. To tell not just her boss off but everyone in the room that the struggle she has to go through to just use the bathroom. The scene has so much emotion and conviction that you immediately felt the pain and frustration Tarahi was trying to come across.

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If it weren’t for woman, woman of color, we never would have made it to the moon and what’s insane is that I had no idea. It’s important to learn the stories of people that made an impact in our world and Hidden Figures proved that we needed to know about these extraordinary women. The movie had amazing actors playing these main character but I was surprised to see that the supporting actors were great as well, Kevin Costner, Kristen Dust and Jim Parsons.

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The movie did a great job in showcasing the lives these women had and what they achieved when it wasn’t possible for them to do. I was instantly hooked on their stories and was brought to tears with Tarahi’s performance. Hidden Figures is not just an inspiration movie but a lesson in our history. A story that was always meant to be told and did it justice.

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Logan Movie Review

A goodbye to an era! 

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Let me start off by saying that I had stopped watching X-men since the monstrosity of Origins. That being said I don’t know what happen in Wolverine for the previous X-men first class and the others that follow. When I found out that they were FINALLY making Logan rated R I was thrilled! With the success of Deadpool, you had to be a fool not to make this one r-rated. If you didn’t know, Logan was always meant for that rating but because they believed it wouldn’t bring in money in the box office they settled with PG-13. So I was beyond excited, along with every Wolverine fan, to see his true colors in the big screen.

Not only was this movie going to show another side of Logan, it was also a goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. A man who has played this character beyond words for last decade. The movie starts out with Logan as a broken man who now works as a driver. Logan was always someone who has seen some shit, so to see him as broken as he was it made it feel all the more real. He has seen his love ones die time and time again! That would put a damper to your life. He’s older, not healing as quickly as before, he’s drinking and popping pills.

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Hiding out in the desert he takes care of Professor X, who is now locked up in a bunker. Along with seeing Logan in his true self, I was shocked to see the professor in a new light! Along with Logan, Professor X has had to deal with some heavy ordeals, he too has dealt with more deaths than a person can take. So we he cussed I taken aback but after I had time to process it, why wouldn’t he cuss! This man was done with subtly and restraint.

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Logan runs into a little girl named Laura who ultimately is his daughter because she was injected with the same DNA that can allow him to have claws, and healing powers. The very bad group that turns children into weapons is now on the hunt for Laura. Logan, Charles and now Laura are on the run. Let me just say THIS LITTLE GIRL IS THE SHIT!! I have never seen such intensity and strength from a character that doesn’t talk for more than half of the movie. When she did talk you were blown away with her convictions and the chemistry between her and Logan were out of this world!

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Logan was heavy with emotion. There aren’t many actors that when you see them you immediately see them as the character and not the actor playing them. Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine is one of them. The movie did an amazing job showcasing the struggle and baggage that Logan carried for so long and wondering if there is something worth living for instead of living to see others die. Logan was a thank you and goodbye rolled into one. It didn’t just have the violence and foul language that Logan always had but it had heart and hope for redemption. Logan exceeded everyone’s expectations, and gave the story of Logan that it always deserved.


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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Comic Review

You know a movie trailer looks bad ass when you immediately pick up the book that it’s based on and read it! 

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Taken place in the Old West, Roland travels from town to town in search of The Man in Black and other adventures, and that I mean curses and death. Trying to summarize a story and I don’t even understand is damn near impossible. We have the main guy Roland, who like his father is a gunslinger. I’ve never been a fan of western movies but like I said in the intro, after watching the movie trailer I was intrigued in knowing more. Along with my dislike of westerns, I’ve never read a book in the genre either. The language was hard to follow and more times I just stared at the words and tried to figure out their meaning. Which explains why it took me as long as it did for me to finish it.

Gunslinger are peacemakers which sometimes results and them killing when necessary. When Roland falls in love, his friends think it clouds his judgement, since she’s to marry the mayor of the town.

There were so many places and names, along with the language like “y’all” and “aye” the entire story went over my head. I couldn’t even tell you why someone was killed or that person cursed that person if I tried. Does that make me not want to see the movie? Hell no! I look forward to it and hope I enjoy it because the comic did not meet my expectations. Perhaps the audiobook?

The Dark Tower will hit theaters August 4, 2017

Fallen Movie Review

It confuses me why studios immediately go for the big screen instead of the small one. They all think it’s going to be as big as Twilight or The Hunger Games.

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I haven’t read this series but back in 2014 there was an announcement of an adaption ready to be released. It’s 2017! Not having read the books I was still eager to see another franchise grow as Twilight and The Hungers Games had. Although I wanted them to be successful, I don’t understand why they don’t go for a tv series. We’ve seen book adaptions succeed on the small screen, like Game of Thrones, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries etc. Either way we get either another shitty movie, potential one, or a guilty pleasure that one has heard of.

Luce (Addison Timlin) is sent to a private school in the middle of nowhere, where they have a special floor for people of mental illness. Luce is a resident on that floor. She sees images or visions of smoke, then learn that when she sees them something bad happens.

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In her class she finds herself drawn to Daniel (Jeremy Irvine) a quite and distant guy. Luce, though he tries his best to avoid her, begins to have visions of them together in different eras. It reminded me of Twilight with all the eye fuckery they would do.

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We can’t have a teen romance without a threesome, I mean triangle. Daniel continues to ignore Luce and Cam (Harrison Gilbertson) swoops in. Cam is the bad boy of the school and it becomes clear that he’s very much interested in Luce. In this type of genre I usually wait to watch until I have read atleast one of the books. It was surprisingly refreshing to watch something I didn’t know what was going to happen. So it was shocking to me that I was taken more by Cam then with Daniel. It was fun trying to figure out who wanted her love and who wanted the booty. THEY’RE ALL TEENS PEOPLE!

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Shit starts to hit the fan, because something always has too, when Luce begins to see the smoke. A smoke that had killed a person in front of her and caused people in believing she was crazy. With her only friend Penn (Lola Kirke) they begin to investigate when she learns about herself that can’t possibly be true. Yeah, trying not to spoil it, in case you do see it.

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It’s super cheesy, come on it’s a teen movie! The director does a lot of slow-mo’s that shouldn’t really be done. One or two, maybe even three, but constantly having them makes the more even more ridiculous and you really don’t want to add more to it. The effects should be good but there are some scenes where they should have just cut them all together. It sounds like I’m hating on this movie but I didn’t hate it and I actually enjoyed it. It was great not knowing who was bad or good, where the story was going to lead, or which guy was more bone-able, you know the important questions.

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I don’t think it will be nearly as successful as Twilight or The Hunger Games were but with improvements and a lot of promotion for it, it could make a good amount of money. It has the fans for it. The cast was good! They managed to hire solid actors and that’s a major high five within itself. It made me want to read the books and that a good well done on that department.

Fallen is only available in certain countries but will be available in September 1, 2017 in the US. What I found shocking is that a sequel is already in works, I just hope they don’t take 3 more years for it to be released.

Overall it’s a movie for a fanbase that love the series! As a person who hasn’t read them I didn’t hate it. I want it to continue and succeed, with improvements. If you were the ones that hated Twilight, then this is not for you.

Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Review

I remember watching Independence Day in the 90’s thinking THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE LOOK HOW REAL IT LOOKS! 20 years later I now know that people are going to fuck up this planet not aliens.

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It’s been 20 years and they’ve learned that they need to up their game on protecting Earth from another attack like before. They use alien technology and weapons, they managed to have a station on the moon and flying cars on Earth…yeah, seriously. I’m all for learning the very thing that was meant to destroy the human race, but what made Independence, back in the 90’s, so great was that it looked like it could actually happen. So the second I saw how futurist Earth had become I was a bit disappointment. However, we still had two more hours left to judge.

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With my hopes still in the air it begins to crumble. They introduce Steven’s son (Will Smith’s character) who has followed his dad’s footsteps and is now a pilot.

Jeff Goldblum as David and Bill Pullman as President Whitmore reprise their roles and it was good seeing them back. I was intrigued on how they were going to contribute to the new movie when clearly they were introducing new characters…then more characters. We have Will Smith’s character’s son, Liam Hemsworth, who I ended up liking more than I have ever had and that’s always good. President Whitmore’s daughter, who was a little girl in the original, now an adult and former pilot.

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I’m all for new characters and expanding the franchise but it felt forced in to an already crowned movie. They were trying to tell the backstory of the three characters that did not need to happen. It was completely unnecessary and should have been cut from the movie and they should have used that time for something else. All of sudden we get kids…MORE CHARACTERS and these made absolutely no sense! If it’s necessary to the story than by all means but don’t add characters or a backstory just for the sack of doing it. Not only were they too many characters but the camera kept jumping from scene to scene to have all these characters have a few words in. It was hard to follow and out of place.

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I’ll give the new cast a break because there was an original character that still confuses me and that’s Dr. Okun. How is he alive? He was dead in the first one by the alien and you tell me he’s been in a coma for 20 years? Come on! This was another plot that made no sense to be and I get it that they needed someone who can “speak alien” but I felt like they could have found someone else or that one chick who flirts with David. No hate on the character but his purpose was done in the first and didn’t add anything new that he already added to the original.

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I’m not sure why but there’s going to be another Independence movie but that isn’t why that news bothered me. They way they did was so ridiculous to me! The only thing that they left out was them looking at the camera and saying “yeah, I’ll see you in Independence 3.” That is how obvious it was and that made me laugh out loud and it was out of awkwardness and disbelief that they did that. I’m sure they could have done a scene showing another alien on their planet ready to attack again with a picture of earth in the background and end it there. Clear and simple!

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It wasn’t horrible but it didn’t hold up to the original. The characters, the main ones, weren’t bad either but the unnecessary backstory made them forgettable and unrelatable. If they do end up with another one I hope they learn from this one and give us a good alien kick ass movie.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

This is the 15th Marvel Movie!!

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Star lord (Chris Pratt) ends up finding his long lost father whose played by Hurt Russell. Family reunion! Some of the guardians go with Hurt Russell’s character while Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Baby Goot, who is the cutest freakin thing, stay behind.

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Vol. 2 is definitely a Star-Lord movie but its broken into groups of each of them! I was surprised that it turned out to be a very emotional movie. These gold people called the Sovereighn are hunting them down because Rocket had stoled valuable batteries from them. The Sovereign’s weren’t necessary for this movie other than leading into Rocket’s true natural.

Star-Lord reunites with his father. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) try to yet again, to kill each other because their sisters. Want I did like was that we were given a little more back story on how evil Thanos really is.

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Then we’re with Rocket and that was a shock. I him as this comedic, strong willed raco… I mean person. To learn that was his defense mechanism was really an eye opening to how I will see him that was great.

Although I’m all for crying until the next morning, I found it too overwhelming. Not saying that they should take it all out but perhaps cut the time on each them. It felt like an origin movie than a sequel.

There was one thing I didn’t really like but that goes into the spoiler territory. The music of course was kick ass and I excepted nothing less!

I will say that there’s a scene with Star-Lord And Yondu that had me tearing up but because of Chris Pratt and his father that made that scene all the more powerful. I’ve read about how much this movie helped him with his father that i found it amazing that he took everything he was feeling and reflected it to Star- lord and that was great!!

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Overall, it wasn’t as great at the first but I had a good time watching it. It had A LOT comedy relief, the cast has even better chemistry and I hope they change a few things in the next Guardians.