Anna Dressed in Blood Book Review

Halloween might be over but this book took longer than expected.

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Cas is a ghost hunter like his father before him and his father before him. When Cas’s father is killed, horribly, by a ghost, Cas is more than determined to be a great hunter and eventually hunt down the ghost that killed his father. Cas and his mother travel, a lot, and come across a town haunted by a girl who has killed when they enter her house.

Anna dressed in blood, is the name she’s known as. When Cas encounters her he finds that she’s nothing like the rest of the ghosts he’s hunted. She’s stronger and insaner than most ghosts. Cas is suddenly surrounded by something he isn’t use to, friends. With their help Cas learns that it won’t be easy to send where every he sends the ghosts but he finds Anna captivating.

When I read the summary, and has been in my to read list for a while, I was fascinated by the concept. Boy kills the dead that doesn’t stay dead and meets girl that is dead and they fall in love. Easy enough. What I found was that it didn’t hook me in as much as the description did. It took roughly a good hundred pages to even interest me.

The relationship, if you call it that, between Cas and Anna was a bit too quick and that made it feel out of place. He meets her then can’t stop thinking about her and all of sudden he’s in love. The quickness of it didn’t make it seem genuine, which is sort of the main point of the story.

One character I did appreciate was Cas’s mind reading friend Thomas. I did enjoy the ending but it did take over two hundred pages to finally make it interesting which it was makes the whole book a let down. I will say that I do want to know what happens to Cas, Thomas and Carmel. So that is something.

Will I continue the series? Probably not right away, and do hope I pick up someday and see where the characters leave off. For now, Anna Dressed in Blood will have to do.


Thor: Ragnorak Movie Review

A different Thor, basically Thor is playing Chris Hemsworth. What I’m saying is that it’s a hilarious Thor movie!

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Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returns to Asgar to prevent armageddon or Ragnarok from happening. When he arrives he finds not his father Odin but his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) pretending to be Odin, which we’ve known since the last Thor movie.

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Just when they start to resolve their family issues, Hela (Cate Blanchett) arrives to cause chaos.  Breaks Thor’s hammer and sends Loki and Thor to another planet and does it with her evilness attitude with humor attached. Ragnorak is definitely to be considered a comedy movie above a Marvel film. Not complaining just stating.

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Now Thor is trapped in another planet run by Jeff Goldblum’s character, Grandmaster, knowing Hela is releasing hell on Asgard and to make his day worse his is forced to fight good o’ Hulk! Though the Grandmaster isn’t a very good guy he isn’t the main villain and does what he was tended to do and that is to bring two Avengers together.

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Just like we see a different side of Thor, his humor side, we see another that we’ve never seen before and that’s Hulk talk and have a personality. The movie does a great job in directing it from a comedy, action, MCU movie to a comedy buddy movie. What I really enjoyed watching was Hulk having his own person instead of having him be the bad part of Bruce Banner with the whole Jekyl and Hyde persona.

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Seeing how successful Guardians has become I know that they were able to see MCU as something more than just action and superheroes fighting. I had a blast watching it and definitely laughed out loud through the whole movie. Although some humor lines were a bit out of place where the scene was trying to be serious, I didn’t mind it. This is the 15th MCU movie and with Infinity War just another movie away, Black Panther, I liked them going to a lighter route because Infinity is most likely going to be a heavy movie. So why not have a little more fun before we ball our eyes out.

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Again since it is the 15th movie the chemistry between the actors have already proved worthy and that was no different when they welcomed a new member, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). Overall, I loved Ragnarok and it just makes waiting for Infinity War that much more difficult. Thor is different but you welcome the change. Well frickin done Taika Waititi (Director/ Korg).

Young Frankenstein Movie Review

What’s more Halloween then a classic horror…parody!

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An ambition scientist, Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) is determined to dissociate himself from his very known grandfather the great Victor Frankenstein. He wants nothing to do with him and as far as pronouncing his last name differently. A solicitor tells him that he has just inherited his family’s estate, Frederick heads to Transylvania.

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The young doctor is accompanied by a humped man named Igor (Marty Feldman) and a German assistant Inga (Terri Garr). The second Igor comes on screen it’s pure comedy not to mention the chemistry between Marty and Gene. Igor saying he doesn’t have a hump and then the hump is moved each time. Genius!

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When they arrive at the mansion, they are welcomed by Frau Blucher (Cloris Leachman), the house keeper, that whenever her name is mentioned the horses cry out. The group explore the mansion and find Dr. Frankenstein’s journal of how he did it. Frederick decides to do the exact same thing his grandfather did before him. Igor is sent to find a brain for the new body but grabs an abnormal brain instead.

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We know the story of Frankenstein monster so you know the gist of it, only this monster has character and not immune to human nature if you know what I mean. The movie is filled with almost two hours of humor until the credits roll. While watching the movie you can tell that the actors had a blast making it. This movie is a classic film that can be watched over and over again and laugh just as hard. Goes to show that a low budget film can be just as entertaining as the films done today.

We’ve had parodies done before but they always tend to miss the point of what they were actually trying to make fun of. Young Frankenstein managed to not only make a classic horror film funny but make it it’s own with likable and hilarious characters. You don’t need to watch Frankenstein to understand what this movie is about to enjoy it and if you haven’t yet seen Young Frankenstein DEFINITELY DO and you’ll be happy you did!

Happy Halloween!

A Court of Wings and Ruin Book Review

There has been a few books where I gasp out loud, scream, cry, yelp, aww, and curse, and all while holding my chest in fear of my heart ripping out of my chest. This is one of them.

If you have not read any of the first two books this is a fair warning that it will have spoilers. Read at your own risk!

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Feyre has now returned to the Spring Court with Tamlin, pretending that her mating bond with Rhysand has been destroyed and she is still in love with Tamlin. Which intrigued me more. Feyre turned into spy! Keep your friend close, enemies closer. While she’s playing her role of Tamlin’s beloved who has been “rescued” she now has access to Tamlin’s men, numbers, strategies etc. Although, the King of Hyden, the big, evil bad guy of the story, managed to brake the bargain between Rhy and Feyre, their mating bond is still fully intact and with it they can still communicate, telepathically.

But not everyone is fooled, meaning Lucien, who was someone she trusted, who along with Tamlin sold her and her family out, but is now her sister’s mate. The shock of it in the last book still held and I was very surprised that I was very interested in seeing how that plays out.

The relationship between Feyre and Lucien was a mixture of old and new. Feyre relied on Lucien to stand with her with things began to fall with Tamlin and he didn’t. With the case of her sister, Lucien is another person and the betrayal side. What makes it interesting is that Lucien, though chosen wrong before, is aware of his mistakes and though it’s difficult to tell if it’s from the goodness of his heart or the mating bond, Lucien and Feyre must team up to survive was lies ahead.

Now the King of Hybern is readying an army and controlling the cauldron, it’s all out war. You see people who have hated each other for centuries now working together. A different Tamlin that I was not expecting. Then another one entirely. I swear that guy gave me whiplash. Questions were answered, though like an series more appear.

A Court of Wings and Ruin has action from beginning to end. I was on the edge the entire time. There were parts where I had to stop and silently scream, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!” True story.

There was a part of the book, that I won’t say which part, reminded me of Aragon and the army of the dead from Return of the King which is a pretty awesome scene. I love the complexity of the characters and how they manage to deal with what is handed to them. Not just Feyre or Feyre’s sisters but with Lucien, Amre, Rhys and other new and returning characters that I’m hoping to get more of in the next book.

What amazes me is the difference each book has. With the first book, I found it was new discovery, and first love and sacrifices. Book 2 was of self discovery and the true value of love and one self. This one was of family and togetherness.

I never thought that I would be rooting for Feyre and Rhy but damn it, they work and I ship it! If these book have taught me anything is that to expect the unexpected. There were moments where I just couldn’t put it down and when I did have to it, the agonizing thoughts of what is going to happen replayed in my head until I was able to pick up the book and start where I left off.

I truly don’t know where book 4 will lead or the direction the series is heading since there is 2 more books yet to be release. The waiting for the next book is definitely going to be difficult since according to Goodreads book 4 isn’t set to release until 2019. Do hope that it will be worth the wait, but from what the last three managed to do my hope in it is pretty solid.

Maybe This Time Book Review

Ghosts. Mystery. Long last love. Good for a Halloween read, or in this case a reread.

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Andie was once married to North, ten years ago, and now she finds herself in his office. Andie returns the alimony checks and tries to erase everything that might remind her of her marriage to him. North a very dedicated lawyer asks her for a favor. North was given guardianship over his cousin’s children and is desperate for help. North asks Andie to become the children’s nanny and convince them to leave their house and move with him, which every other nannies have failed to do.

Andie agrees because it would help her out of debt and she can start anew with her boyfriend. When she arrives at their house she meets 8 year old Alice and 12 year old Carter, quite and very distance kids. These kids have dealt with death that most people don’t deal with in one life time. When Andie shows up she learns that not only are they damaged but…haunted. According to the housekeeper Mrs. Crumb, a rude and creepy middle aged woman, informs Andie that the house has ghosts.

Andie doesn’t buy into the ghost story and focuses on her relationship with the kids. She notices that her feels towards North haven’t gone away when she has to communicate with him which doesn’t sit well with her current boyfriend. Then she begins to see things, such as a young woman watching Alice sleep or a man in the tower.

The book has mystery, ghosts, humor, and some romance to tie it all together. I had read it years ago and rereading it just reminded me why I loved it so much the first time. It’s a great quick read, especially during Halloween.